wii freezes

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  1. chunky

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    Jan 7, 2009
    teeside middlesbrough
    I will be playing a game it can be any and all of a sudden it pauses/freezes and it makes a buzzing noise.
    things i have done to solve with no luck cleaned the fan area with sock on hoover pipe and bought a wii docking station with a extra fan on to keep the unit cool and still it happens

    can anybody help thanks for in advance
  2. Arendo

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    Dec 22, 2008
    what kind of games are you playing?
    original games? back up DVDs loaded with which loader? ISOs from an USB HDD, what kind of HDD and which loader?
    and also, which cIOS revision do you have installed?

    it sounds to me as if you're having trouble with bad burns - eg. you burned an ISO file to a disc, but your wii has a hard time reading the disc in the little time it has to load your game at half the speed (compared to the normal disc channel)... I used to have this problem with 2 or 3 games, untill I just switched to an USB loader [​IMG]