Wii chippped with wiikey and usg loader

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    Well guys I guess you could say that I am a dinasour so to speak when it comes to loading games with a usb. I burned nsmb to a disc and it would not play and then I read that something has been added to the new games that stops them from working and that using a usb loader was most likely going to be the only way to play the game in the future. I was really disappointed when this game would not play I thought my son would really have a blast with this game since hel loved it so much on his ds. Well I was just wanting to know if someone could please tell me exactly what I will need to play this game on my with chipped with the wiikey and 1.9s firmware and the instructions to apply whatever software I will need. I do not have any hombrew channels or anything as far as that goes loaded onto my wii at all. I have just been burning backups and using the wii itself. I would be very grateful to anyone who could steer me in the right direction with the elements and instructions I will need to proceed and I thank you kindly.