Wii Balance Board version differences

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    I'm not sure if any of this makes a difference, but I didn't see any talk about this online so I thought I'd post my discoveries and hopefully this is of help to someone.

    I used to have the original Wii Fit bundle that came with the game disc and the Balance Board. It was the regular white version sold in Europe. I sold it a month ago before buying a newer European Wii Fit Plus bundle that comes with the black Balance Board. And right away I noticed some differences to the Balance Boards aside from color:

    1. The original Balance Board from the Wii Fit bundle is larger. About 5-10% larger.
    2. It's also heavier, I don't have exact numbers, but somewhere around 300g to 500g heavier.

    Despite the differences, both are RVL-021. I first believed the black color of the newer Balance Board was playing a trick in my mind to make me believe it's smaller, so I headed to GameStop where a friend of mine works at and he agreed to open up a Wii Fit U bundle with the white Balance Board. Sure enough it was as small and light as the black Balance Board that came with my Wii Fit Plus bundle. And to my luck they also had a used original Wii Fit bundle with the Balance Board. We opened it as well and I could finally confirm my suspicion: the original is heavier AND bigger!

    The odd thing about this is that I couldn't find anything related to this online. There was only about a year in between the releases of the original Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, so I'm wondering if there are more differences between the Wii Fit U version and the previous ones. All Balance Boards seem to work equally well as far as I can tell, since I used the original Balance Board from the Wii Fit bundle with the Wii Fit U demo from eShop.

    I also have no idea how things are outside Europe. Has someone bumped into this, too? Just to reiterate: only original Nintendo accessories were compared to each other. No third party products.
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