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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by cris92x, Mar 28, 2011.

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    So basically i have a wired connection but I want to create a hotspot to let my 3ds be able to play online. I remember a few years back nintendo sold a usb that would let your ds/wii get internet so I am just asking if anybody knows if its possible to create a hotspot with just any router or do i need a specific thing and what would be the easiest method to do this.
  2. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Get any old router. It'll work fine once you set up the network.
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    Correction: get any old WiFi router. Most older routers only had ethernet, not WiFi.

    In any case, if you get a WiFi router (or just a WiFi network hub if you already have a working router), you can configure it to just about any setting you need (from the worthless WEP encryption for the DS, to the mostly secure WPA2 encryption nearly everybody uses).

    FYI, Nintendo stopped selling/supporting their WiFi dongle because of the licensing issues they had with the manufacturer, BroadCom. BroadCom are the most unreliable manufacturer in the WiFi industry anyway, so it's no big loss. If you really needed a USB dongle to create an Access Point/Hotspot, just about any will work if you configure it properly (in other words use the provided software to set it up as an AP then use Internet Connection Sharing to share the internet your comp/laptop already has).

    Another solution, if you have one that is, is to use a smartphone as a portable Hotspot. It'll only give 3G internet and not full speed broadband, but that should be good enough.
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    I own one of those Nintendo wi-fi adapters and would have to concur. It's pretty terrible and even with a decent knowledge of networking, mostly relies on luck and the position of the constellations in order to work. Don't bother looking around to find one.

    Also as somebody who owns an iPhone and uses it as a hotspot, they haven't got the kinks worked out yet toward supporting infrastructure mode. It relies on adhoc and is therefore incompatible with the DS and PSP (and I'm assuming 3DS as well).

    Your best bet is to go with a compatible router. You can find compatibility lists all over Google to be certain it will work.