Why wii is brick?

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    There are lots of wii bircks. And here we talk about those caused by import update (such as USA wii runs a JAP game with a update) or language and sysmenu mismatch set by ARC.
    I don't know what really is a full brick or semi-brick. But here I define:
    Full brick: A wii halt on after health caution screen, "Press A Button to continue" Screen.
    Semi-brck: A wii can go into the main screen but can NOT go to the Wii Option screen, with a opera error page.

    In the Any Region Changer 1.1 (aka ARC), there are several options can affect the language of the wii. They are Language, Area, And SysMenu version, etc.(Here we only focus on Wii SystemMenu, no Shop Channel and others.). And they can affect the Wii like this.
    Language: can change almost all text to do with multilingo. Such as: the main menu, Wii Option, Hint and Help Message, and the home button screen (when you press the home button, a screen poped up).
    Area: can change the health caution screen.
    System Menu Version: Usually they are only four, U for USA, J for Japan, K For Korea, and I'm not familiar with EU Wiis , may P for PAL.

    Generally, when you have USA wiis, you can change your wii's language to English, French and Spanish, EU Wiis maybe English, German and Dutch, and Only Japanese for Japan and Taiwan.SAR Wiis. These are the normally case, we do not care about.

    But do you have these experience about playing a import wii game out of your region, such as a USA wii play Japan games, and a japanese home button screen popup when you press home button? Your wii is not a JAPAN wii, but it do can show Japanese.

    And professionally, you can let a language shows in your home button screen by doing this: only change the language options in the ARC.
    (Caution! Do not try it if you have no ideas of ARC and bootmii! And these actions may cause your wii to a FULL BRICK!)

    There are a few facts. Based on 4.2U.
    Suppose you have a USA wii, and you change your language to ...., and your wii home button screen language to ... and your Wii Option language is...
    English, home button screen: English, Wii Option language : English
    French and Spanish same as the English.
    Japanese, home button screen :Japanese, Wii Option language : English.
    German, home button screen :German, Wii Option language : English.
    S.Chinese : FULL BRICK!
    T.Chinese : FULL BRICK!
    Korea : FULL Brick!

    When we unpack the system menu, we found these folders.
    FINAL :

    and "ENG","FRA","GER","ITA","JPN","NED","SPA" folders in the LAYOUT and MESSAGE, and a "COM" folder more in the LAYOUT.
    We can easily found:
    Conclusion 1: A wii won't be a FULL BRICK if we change the language to one has in the LAYOUT and MESSAGE folder in the ARC.
    That means : a USA change the language to these 7 languages mentioned above is safe. And a Korea wii change the language to besides these 7, Korea And S.Chinese is safe.

    Conclusion 2: A wii will be a FULL BRICK if we change the language to one not in the LAYOUT and MESSAGE folder in the ARC.
    That means : a USA change the language other than these 7, such as Korea and S.Chinese will be a FULL BRICK.

    Conclusion 3: If we modify the System Menu, and add these folder and files corresponding to the language, we can change the home button screen language to the new add one.
    That means : a USA wii, after modifying the system menu by adding CHN folder and files (can be found in the 4.2K), can safely change the language option to S.Chinese in the ARC.

    And what's more , I found the iplsetting.ash file in the HTML determine the wii option language.
    Conclusion 4: A wii can only show the Wii Option in the languages iplsetting.ash have.
    For example, a 4.2U wii only have English, French, Spanish in the iplsetting.ash, so it can only show the Wii Option in English, French, Spanish, whatever the language set in the ARC beside these 3.

    Conclusion 5: By adding the language files in the iplsetings.ash can show different languages in the Wii Option and wii main menu.
    Yes, that means : A USA wii can show Japanese or even Korea Wii Option by adding the corresponding language to the iplsetting.ash and change the language and area options in the ARC.

    And, fact and
    Conclusion 6: A wii will be SEMI-BRICK if the iplsetting.ash do not have the required language.

    Conclusion 7: A FULL BRICK or SEMI-BRICK can be repaired by only reinstall the 0000001.app in the system menu, simplly by using the MyMenufy tool for me, no to reinstalling the entire RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v481.wad.
    Maybe this is the most useful information of this passage. And this is what I want to say in the whole passage.

    Let's go a little deeper, based on the conclusion 5 and 6.
    Now we know we can change the system menu language (here means the Wii Option and main menu, not the home button screen.) by changing the language option in ARC
    and adding the files to do with the required language. But can we do all what we want? Such as:
    Let a wii's default language is Japanese when it's area(here area means the option in the ARC)/region is USA?
    Let a wii's default language is English when it's area is Japan/Taiwan.SAR/China?

    All they are NO.
    Conclusion 8: The area determine the default language.
    And professionally.
    Conclusion 9 : The area option determine the default path to find in the iplsetting.ash.
    And for USA,HK.SAR,ASIA area wii, it will found US/US/ENG for it's default language.
    for Korea are wi, it will found KR/KR/KOR for it's default language.(I'm not sure about this, I guessed it.)
    for Japan area wii, it will found JP/JP/JPN for it's default language.
    for China,Taiwan.SAR, it will found TW/TW/JPN for it's default language.
    That means : a wii can NOT have S.Chinese and T.Chinese simultaneously by it's default config. (Because all they are TW/TW/JPN/, and a wii can not change the language to S.C or T.C by only changing the area and language option to China or Taiwan.SAR)

    Now, a question arise: How to change the default path the wii search for? How to change the TW/TW/JPN to the other path? Which IOS or something else deside the system menu to search for this path?
    This is why I post the topic, and what I turn to help for.

    Please note :Taiwan is an inalienable part of the inviolable territory of China.
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    the title/00000001/00000002/data/setting.txt file has the information about the area and region among other things.
    here is mine (decrypted and serial number removed)
    without this file, your wii is a full brick. when you use ARC, it modifies this file along with others to set the new region. but the other files, such as SYSCONF, are not necessary for the wii to start. the system menu should make them if they are not there. so i assume that there is already a setting.txt file in your wii when it leaves the factory. and the system menu reads this file at certain times to see what file to use. the language setting is stored in the SYSCONF file. when you start a system menu without a SYSCONF file and it generates the new one, it probably writes the default setting at that time. i guess that means that this file is the answer to your last question, but i could be wrong.

    But if you want to cheat and do it the hackie way, try to just copy the korean language files and save them on each folder in the archive. then no matter what language you set the system menu to, it will show korean.
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    Jan 22, 2010
    Yes. Copy the korean language files to the us/eng/ folder could realize the goal.
    But I do not want this way.

    And SYSCONF did not record the path, just record the current language.

    Thank you for your professional knowledge.
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    I'd just like to say "Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China."
    Here is a forum of talking about Games, and you MUST NOT express any political views.
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    Ignore my post, to much off-topic.
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    Please help
    My Wii is 4.1 Japan, and I changed the language setting to chinese using ARC. Now it's full brick .
    happycipher mentioned it can be fix by using Mymenufy. How to do it?
    I cannot boot my wii. I wish I can go back to ARC to change it back to JPN.
    I have HBC and BootMii/IOS installed. Softmod only. Priiloader is not installed.
    Your kindly help will be greatly appreciate.

    The 2nd question is:
    If I put in a Wii game with 4.2 JPN update to boot my wii, Will it fix the setting.txt or revers back the default language setting ?

    If you could help or provide your professional knowledge , please email me to

    Thank you very much.

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    Try telling that to China