Why does MH4 Suck so much?

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Drak0rex, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Drak0rex

    Drak0rex GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Oct 12, 2014
    United States
    Let's see, first we got the poor quality visuals, while for a handheld, are impressive, the screen is just too small to be worth a fuck, especially after playing on Wii U.

    Then we got the form factor of the 3DS, which even with the XL and a CPP, will eventually cause your hands to cramp up after a couple hours. After coming from MH3U On Wii U, it's difficult to adjust.

    Then there's the online. I was especially disappointed with the chat function. While on a quest, you can't freetype, and are limited to shout outs. There's no voice chat, which is a waste, and breaks the whole experience. Good luck strategizing on the fly or asking your fellow hunters for a potion. Am I missing something here?
  2. Riff89

    Riff89 Advanced Member

    Jan 19, 2015
    United States
    Ask anyone who's done a ton of playing on both versions of MH3U and they'll tell you that switching between the consoles isn't such a big deal. The problem comes when trying to switch after devoting a lot more time to MH3U on Wii U. You could kind of see it a muscle memory deal.

    The same can kind of be said for the visuals. Screen size aside, it's true that the 3DS gameplay will not in any way rival that of HD gameplay on a television. But for those who play a ton of both systems, this isn't really a big deal as there is no big surprise in the difference. That just comes with the territory of playing enough of both to be really familiar with what to each system is capable of.

    As for any issues with chat features (or lack thereof), I feel it is best resolved with local multiplayer as opposed to online. Personally, I prefer local multiplayer in games. This is probably due to the fact that it really provides a more personal gameplay experience (in my opinion) when you are able to share that gameplay experience with some one acutally in the same room as opposed to with someone who isn't even in the same house. In a way, local multiplayer is like a throwback to the days when your only option for playing with others was in the same room and on the same television screen. That really was the birth of it all. But if that's not possible, there is always Skype or teamspeak to help with communication.

    In the end, I can't really say these issues make the game suck. It's just a mix of personal preference and knowing your options. In the meantime, have fun and game on!
  3. chemistryfreak

    chemistryfreak GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 8, 2008
    For someone who have played MH3G, MH3G HD Ver, MH4 & MH4G. I have to admit there are some flaws in 4G but overall it is still a solid game that packs a few hundred hours of fun with friends and strangers.

    Graphic wise, I think it is not that bad with 3D on. You might want to play it on 3DSXL if you want a larger screen.

    Whereas controls are definitely better on Wii U pro controller but using the New 3DSLL to play 4G is just as good due to the addition of R2L2 and C-Stick.

    Chat function is limited during hunt but you could freely chat in the online hall and not to mention there is preset text which u could use.

    So perhaps the game just doesn't suit you or wth maybe portable games doesn't suit u at all.
  4. ShinyLatios

    ShinyLatios Local "That Guy"

    Nov 17, 2009
    I agree, though I have a hard time adjusting to the C-stick, myself. Too much touch-screen d-pad on MH3U-3DS :)

    That rank though, nice ^^

    Sounds like you're having more trouble with the 3DS than the game itself. If lack of voice chat is such an issue, go find some people to play with on a forum and use teamspeak or skype.
  5. chemistryfreak

    chemistryfreak GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 8, 2008
    Yeah took some time for me to adjust too, but after getting use to the c-stick it freed up space on the touch screen as there is no longer a need for a touch screen d-pad! :)

    Save transfer from MH4 to 4G really helped shorten the time needed to achieve HR999. The more difficult part is getting the specific charms required to make certain skill sets. Japanese hunters have high requirements for armor skills, especially when doing LV140 quest. The real "fun" begins with LV136 and above quest! LOL:lol:

    I used to play with Chinese hunters and voice chat with them using QQ.
  6. KingBlank

    KingBlank King of Nothing

    Sep 17, 2008
    New Zealand
    New Zealand

    Playing the game on the new 3ds has better visuals due to higher quality textures, shaders and higher framerate. On the new 3ds XL you will likely be able to play more comfortably.
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