White, then Red topscreen

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    May 16, 2006
    Has anyone ever come across this problem where when you turn on the ds, the bottom screen works properly but the top screen is white, then fades to a blood red colour, and stays red?

    i have a feelings it a problem with the ribbon cable, because while the ds is closed, i can see the ribbon cable is damaged. i didnt attempt to fix it yet, nor open it yet, but yet i can SEE the ribbon cable damaged. im hoping that if i open it, take out the cable, adjust it a bit, clean it, by wiping the dust with my fingers, it might fix it? hopefully.

    if someone knows specfically what the white to red screen means, please fill me in:) thanks in advance. (this is what happends when you let wild kids play with a ds lite, lol)

    EDIT: i opened it up, and got a good look. the black wire is eaten out somehow, and the ribbon cable is badly damaged. it could probably be fixed if i get a new ribbon cable, or new screen (hopefully it comes with ribbon cable).