Hacking White screen when booting R4


New Member
Jul 27, 2019
Santiago, Chile
This error came out of nowhere, I tried installing YSMenu on my R4, before doing anything i decided not to do it for X reason, put my SD back on my DS and now it's all a white screen, using a old backup, installing it again, formating, etc. Nothing works

I'm not sure what type of R4 is mine, it's a cheap copy that says "Gold 3DS" on the back, but uses a menu that seems to be wood's menus.

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    Assholes all like I can do that then like I might just give it away
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    holy shit new chay
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    howdy chatties
  • Costello @ Costello:
    it's gonna take a while to get used to the new site even for me
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    @Costello I noticed on mobile I can only enter if message is at the start of the sentence normal bug?
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    Message cursor*
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    you should report this somewhere on the forums like in the site discussions forum or something,
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    in the chat it will get lost
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    we have literally 1000 things to fix already lol
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    Yeah I'd assume wasn't sure if the announcement thread was good pretty sure theirs a bug board?
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    I'm just happy that this new site layout works well on mobile. Ads don't annoy me as I scroll pages. Before, ads would pop up and change so often that it messes with me browsing through pages in the previous, old layout.
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    I gotta check it out on mobile sometime.
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    Yeah super nice additions added seems to catch more attention also so it isn't just me Veho and psi making fools of ourselves :yay:
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    Very good to hear.
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    So far, I'm liking the addition of a general chat so I can say Hi to my fellow Tempers.
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    I wonder if that works on mobile?
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    Seems to be working nice on mobile just a little clunky but like Costello said they got bugs to work out
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    Of course.
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Meh, I'd rather go back to v7.
    RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing: Meh, I'd rather go back to v7.