Which was the First NDS FlashKart?

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    Hey guys, I'm here wondering for an answer about which NDS FlashKart was the first to come out. I hope to see some answers. =D
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    a vagina :)
    D1DS which stood for "Da1stDS". It was released a few days after the DS Phat was released. It could support up to 2 gb because there was very little left. Shortly After its arrival, Nintendo found out and Yelled at the team, and the flashcart is now known as "The R4DS"(Not really)
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    Ok the reason this guy made this topic is because of this everyone has to read this in the forum.

    tsuyobuski (10:15:19 PM): R4 is better than the Acekard
    tsuyobuski (10:15:22 PM): and M3 together
    jakob9595 (10:15:22 PM): NO its not
    tsuyobuski (10:15:26 PM): LOL
    tsuyobuski (10:15:30 PM): Those 2 = Mimics of R4
    jakob9595 (10:15:34 PM): Dude
    jakob9595 (10:15:36 PM): R4 is dead
    tsuyobuski (10:15:37 PM): I'd rather have the original shit, than a ripped copy.
    jakob9595 (10:15:43 PM): LMAO
    tsuyobuski (10:15:45 PM): But who said R4 was open source?
    jakob9595 (10:15:51 PM): It wasn't
    tsuyobuski (10:15:54 PM): Exactly
    jakob9595 (10:15:56 PM): Acekard and R4 are 2 different carts
    tsuyobuski (10:15:57 PM): Than their just mimics
    tsuyobuski (10:16:00 PM): No.
    tsuyobuski (10:16:03 PM): They both run on Moonshell
    jakob9595 (10:16:14 PM): Different software structures and different hardware structures
    jakob9595 (10:16:14 PM): No
    jakob9595 (10:16:17 PM): Moonshell is a homebrew
    jakob9595 (10:16:18 PM): stupid
    jakob9595 (10:16:26 PM): every single cart can use Moonshell
    jakob9595 (10:16:37 PM): I advise you to go to this website
    jakob9595 (10:16:38 PM): http://gbatemp.net/
    jakob9595 (10:16:42 PM): And register into it
    jakob9595 (10:16:52 PM): And make a post what is better R4 or Acekard
    jakob9595 (10:17:02 PM): I want to see how much flame your gonna bring up
    tsuyobuski (10:17:12 PM): Yeah, stupid?
    jakob9595 (10:17:19 PM): Get the acekard
    tsuyobuski (10:17:19 PM): Says the retard who can't do shit.
    jakob9595 (10:17:22 PM): trust me
    jakob9595 (10:17:27 PM): Do not get R4
    jakob9595 (10:17:33 PM): they are all clones of the original R4
    jakob9595 (10:17:47 PM): they either brake or they never update
    jakob9595 (10:17:51 PM): Get a Acekard
    jakob9595 (10:17:59 PM): Let me tell you some more features of Acekard
    jakob9595 (10:18:05 PM): It can do Wii connectivity
    tsuyobuski (10:18:09 PM): So can R4
    tsuyobuski (10:18:11 PM): I tested it
    jakob9595 (10:18:12 PM): No
    tsuyobuski (10:18:14 PM): Yes.
    tsuyobuski (10:18:18 PM): There's an addon for it.
    jakob9595 (10:18:18 PM): With which game?
    jakob9595 (10:18:26 PM): Pokemon Battle Revolution
    tsuyobuski (10:18:32 PM): Mario Kart
    jakob9595 (10:18:35 PM): Dude
    jakob9595 (10:18:43 PM): Pokemon Battle Revolution
    jakob9595 (10:18:46 PM): There are no carts
    jakob9595 (10:18:51 PM): that can connect to it
    jakob9595 (10:18:56 PM): Only the Acekard can and CycloDS
    jakob9595 (10:18:58 PM): No other carts
    jakob9595 (10:19:02 PM): And the Acekard RPG
    jakob9595 (10:19:06 PM): Which costs like 70 bucks
    jakob9595 (10:19:11 PM): and you can't find it anywere
    jakob9595 (10:20:04 PM): M3 isn't a bad flashcart
    jakob9595 (10:20:06 PM): Its good
    jakob9595 (10:20:12 PM): Its the 2nd best one for the DSi
    jakob9595 (10:21:11 PM): If you want to get the M3 get it
    jakob9595 (10:21:22 PM): But Acekard is better than it because of the following reasons
    jakob9595 (10:21:26 PM): Better compatibility
    jakob9595 (10:21:29 PM): FASTER UPDATES
    jakob9595 (10:21:48 PM): The Acekard released there 1.4 update fix for it to work on the DSi 1.4 1 week ago
    jakob9595 (10:21:57 PM): M3 didn't even release it yet
    jakob9595 (10:22:02 PM): They are releasing it next week
    jakob9595 (10:22:11 PM): Thats how long it takes for them cause they are slowww
    jakob9595 (10:22:51 PM): Im just trying to help you out
    jakob9595 (10:22:59 PM): For what good promising flashcart to get
    jakob9595 (10:23:12 PM): If you don't want to listen to me and get the worst flashcart AKA R4
    jakob9595 (10:23:32 PM): Then do so aswell go nock yourself off wasting your money on a fake cart that will never get new updates
    tsuyobuski (10:23:44 PM): LOL
    tsuyobuski (10:23:48 PM): R4 was the first smart shit
    tsuyobuski (10:23:51 PM): It ain't fake
    jakob9595 (10:23:53 PM): No it wasn't
    jakob9595 (10:23:56 PM): R4 wasn't the first
    jakob9595 (10:23:58 PM): Stupid
    tsuyobuski (10:24:00 PM): Give me the history then.
    tsuyobuski (10:24:04 PM): Yeah dude, I'm real stupid.
    jakob9595 (10:24:08 PM): First flashcart was Supercart
    jakob9595 (10:24:14 PM): Then was
    tsuyobuski (10:24:16 PM): Yup, Stupidty.
    jakob9595 (10:24:19 PM): The Ez Flash 1
    jakob9595 (10:24:24 PM): then*
    tsuyobuski (10:24:26 PM): I wanna see you build a overclocked comp
    tsuyobuski (10:24:29 PM): without having any problems
    jakob9595 (10:24:31 PM): hey
    tsuyobuski (10:24:33 PM): Then call me a stupid.
    jakob9595 (10:24:53 PM): Hey stupid I think I know more about which flashcart to get than you
    jakob9595 (10:24:54 PM): http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showuser=153463
    jakob9595 (10:25:06 PM): Look how much posts I have
    jakob9595 (10:25:09 PM): and look when I joined
    jakob9595 (10:25:12 PM): I no all about this
    tsuyobuski (10:25:19 PM): What's 'no'?
    jakob9595 (10:25:24 PM): know*
    tsuyobuski (10:25:26 PM): Yeah, I'm real stupid.
    jakob9595 (10:25:37 PM): Yeh you are in the DS flashcart scene
    tsuyobuski (10:25:41 PM): Me, stupid, says the one who can't fucking spell nor be grammatically smart.
    tsuyobuski (10:25:51 PM): I challenged you already
    jakob9595 (10:26:02 PM): LMAO
    jakob9595 (10:26:04 PM): Look here
    tsuyobuski (10:26:06 PM): If you can build a overclocked comp, without any problems, Then I'm stupid.
    jakob9595 (10:26:11 PM): You can't even
    tsuyobuski (10:26:18 PM): Actually I can.
    jakob9595 (10:26:23 PM): http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=170172
    jakob9595 (10:26:25 PM): There look
    tsuyobuski (10:26:29 PM): If you buy a normal i7 processor, it ain't locked.
    jakob9595 (10:26:30 PM): Essensial Nintendo DS Flashcarts
    tsuyobuski (10:26:44 PM): You just said I couldn't build a comp..
    jakob9595 (10:26:55 PM): Look here
    jakob9595 (10:26:55 PM): http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=170172
    jakob9595 (10:27:02 PM): And look at the freeken votes
    tsuyobuski (10:27:20 PM): LOL

    tsuyobuski (10:27:23 PM): Dude
    tsuyobuski (10:27:27 PM): That's FROM when it wasn't out yet
    tsuyobuski (10:27:33 PM): It's clones
    jakob9595 (10:27:36 PM): Jul 26 2009
    tsuyobuski (10:27:37 PM): = other flash karts
    jakob9595 (10:27:43 PM): Look when this flashcart was made
    jakob9595 (10:27:44 PM): I mean
    jakob9595 (10:27:46 PM): This topic
    tsuyobuski (10:27:47 PM): It was out before Acekard
    jakob9595 (10:27:48 PM): was made
    jakob9595 (10:27:51 PM): so what
    jakob9595 (10:27:53 PM): its deadddddddddd
    tsuyobuski (10:28:00 PM): THAT DOESN'T mean it wasn't first
    tsuyobuski (10:28:05 PM): Dip shit.
    jakob9595 (10:28:07 PM): who cares what was first
    tsuyobuski (10:28:08 PM): I just proved your ass wrong
    jakob9595 (10:28:10 PM): then tell me
    tsuyobuski (10:28:10 PM): LOL
    jakob9595 (10:28:13 PM): Give me a link
    tsuyobuski (10:28:14 PM): You told me it wasn't first out
    tsuyobuski (10:28:18 PM): I don't need to have a link
    jakob9595 (10:28:22 PM): W8
    tsuyobuski (10:28:22 PM): The others are a perfect mimic
    jakob9595 (10:28:25 PM): If it was the first
    jakob9595 (10:28:31 PM): Then send me a R4 GBA Cart
    tsuyobuski (10:28:32 PM): It was the first Flashcart to be out
    tsuyobuski (10:28:45 PM): I never said it had a GBA cart did I..?
    tsuyobuski (10:28:50 PM): The others are a clone of it.
    jakob9595 (10:28:57 PM): no
    jakob9595 (10:29:00 PM): Acekard 1 was one of the first
    jakob9595 (10:29:02 PM): ...
    jakob9595 (10:29:06 PM): and so was
    jakob9595 (10:29:08 PM): Superkey
    jakob9595 (10:29:16 PM): And so was Ez Flash 5
    tsuyobuski (10:29:28 PM): Their clones of the R4
    tsuyobuski (10:29:30 PM): Like I said.
    jakob9595 (10:29:32 PM): OMG
    jakob9595 (10:29:34 PM): No there not
    tsuyobuski (10:29:37 PM): there?
    tsuyobuski (10:29:38 PM): LMAO
    jakob9595 (10:29:39 PM): These are clones of R4
    jakob9595 (10:29:44 PM): R4i SDHC
    tsuyobuski (10:29:50 PM): No dude
    tsuyobuski (10:29:53 PM): R4 was the first out..
    jakob9595 (10:29:54 PM): Then go to gbatemp.net
    jakob9595 (10:29:58 PM): and register
    jakob9595 (10:30:01 PM): and post a topic about this
    tsuyobuski (10:30:07 PM): I ain't a member
    jakob9595 (10:30:09 PM): we will see how the community will response to you
    tsuyobuski (10:30:10 PM): and don't need to be.
    jakob9595 (10:30:11 PM): join
    jakob9595 (10:30:11 PM): ...
    jakob9595 (10:30:21 PM): Cause you don't have the guts
    tsuyobuski (10:30:23 PM): I don't join forums I won't be visiting.
    jakob9595 (10:30:24 PM): You no your wrong
    tsuyobuski (10:30:26 PM): Actually I do.
    tsuyobuski (10:30:27 PM): LOL
    tsuyobuski (10:30:29 PM): No, I'm not
    jakob9595 (10:30:31 PM): So register
    jakob9595 (10:30:32 PM): And ask them
    tsuyobuski (10:31:24 PM): Btw, So I'm that stupid right?
    tsuyobuski (10:31:30 PM): I ALREADY CHALLENGED you to something impossible
    jakob9595 (10:31:34 PM): OK
    tsuyobuski (10:31:35 PM): that a fucktard like you can't achieve
    jakob9595 (10:31:35 PM): then
    jakob9595 (10:31:36 PM): look
    jakob9595 (10:31:40 PM): I will make a topic
    jakob9595 (10:31:41 PM): myself
    jakob9595 (10:31:46 PM): and see what they say
    tsuyobuski (10:31:48 PM): I'm doing it
    tsuyobuski (10:31:50 PM): I'm registering atm
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    It was the Neoflash 512 Mbit. I remember when it came out, and this release group got all their ROMs nuked because they made it so that their ROMs only worked on this flash cart.
    Here's a list of all DS flash carts reviewed by GBAtemp, in order from newest to oldest.
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    Can someone help me make this guy feel stupid for thinking the R4 is the best cause it was the first flashcart and that the Acekard 2i and all the other flashcarts are clones of the R4.
  6. PuyoDead

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    Hate to be the one to break this to you, but you've been trolled.
  7. andy249901

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    well i have one of the original r4ds's and i must say the acekard is way better(bought one for my uncle and it was a lot better lol)
  8. Jakob95

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    LMAO when he wrote that I lol so hard.

    EDIT: And when I said Superkey I meant that as it allowed Slot 2 to be played on the DS so it kinda acts like a flashcart.
  9. PuyoDead

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    Yea, passkeys + slot 2 carts predate ANY slot 1 cart, for the simple reason that slot 1 carts didn't exist yet.
  10. Resent

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    Why you twisting the story now huh faggot? I NEVER EVER said it was the best. Way to go.
  11. DeMoN

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    The R4 was the first flash cart that was easy to use and had near perfect compatibility (at the time it was actually very good).
    Just look at all the bulky, ugly, and complicated flash carts that preceded it, and you'll see why many people think of the R4 as the "first" flash cart.
  12. DanTheManMS

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    PharaohsVizier is pretty accurate here. You can read about some of the older carts on the PocketHeaven Wiki, as it hasn't really been updated in years to reflect the current DS situation.

    It's also worth noting that the first DS homebrew was run from GBA flash carts, most of them being NOR-based, using a slot-1 passthrough device to trick the DS into executing DS code from slot-2. The original PassMe was the "official" first passthrough device to be mass-produced and sold (though "mass-produced" is a bad term since they were still assembled by hand by a few select people). The PassMe was then taken by the companies and sold under their own names (SuperPass, PassKey, etc). With the PassMe, you had to insert your own official DS game for it to borrow the authentication from, which is a big reason FlashMe took off since it was cumbersome to work with the PassMe all the time. When DS firmware 4 blocked the original PassMe, the PassMe2 was created which required you to program it for a specific game out of a set list of possibilities. Finally the NoPass came around, which greatly simplified the slot-1 passthrough device idea, but by then we started seeing full-out slot-1 devices start to come out.

    The point is, the first "DS flash cart" would be a slot-2 GBA flash cart (or GBA Media Player, which was VERY popular back in the day for homebrew purposes) combined with a slot-1 passthrough device of some sort. If you want to be specific about slot-1 devices only, then you'd be looking at things like the NeoFlash, NinjaPass, DS-Link, among others.