When will the DSi udpates stop?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by syfyTy, Jul 25, 2012.

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    I suspect it won't be long before N stops updateing and blocking the Dsi system/carts since they are releaseing the last of thier retail games shortly AND thier online eshop has only 7 more games listed for release.

    Consider also when they dropped the rpice and it being close to time to stop making them altogether...

    These three pieces of info combined, I say it is soon. I noticed this last update on the 3ds did not include an update for the dsi? In other words, they bloacked F cards on the 3ds but not the DsI? What's up with that? Unless what I suspect is right...

    Shortly they'll have nothing left to protect on that system.

    Ideas? Projections? Predictions? Discussion?
  2. indask8

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    DSi updates doesn't always follow 3DS ones.

    1.4.4 is not that old, and I think they took like one year once to release a firmware.

    As long as the DSi is being sold, Nintendo will support it and/or as long as dsiware will be made, DSi might get updates.
    EDIT: + As long as DS games will be sold there will be updates.
    If Nintendo stops making update to try to block flashcart it will be like giving the finger to the devs, they don't want this to happen.
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    theres nothing to predict or discuss. yes, eventually, they will drop updates, just as they dropped updates for the wii (even though theres still wiiware updates and some games coming)
    but as long as its just flash card blocking, which is probably just as easy to do for them as updating flashcard firmware is for the card manufacturers, it will go on for some time. certainly as long as the ds/i is stll selling so strong
  4. LockeCole_101629

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    I didn't worried for every updates they've release since it's not default must update the system, if you already had opera there's no reason to update unless there's a certain games that won't work without it (dsiwareshop?only if you buy it)

    but you should worried if they stop updating.
    with another couple of years, DS system is decade years old.
    eventually it will end.
  5. ComeTurismO

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    I 100% agree with LockeCole_101629. His point is actually correct because if the updates stop, The DSi will stop support by Nintendo. People might think that it doesn't really matter, cause you can play them on a 3DS, well NO. Because it doesn't feel good.