What's the best way to format text files for my CycloDS?

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    The reason this isn't in the Cyclo sub-forum is because the solution should apply to the text-reading function of all flashcarts. Primarily, I'm interested in the conversion of GameFAQs txt files.

    First, I tried WrapIt, which I found here, but it kinda sucks. Words get cut off and returns are only added, not removed, resulting in something like this:

    [space space space space space] Game: The Fina
    l Quest of the Blonklonks

    [space space space space space] Written by Writ
    ely Writerton


    First, go through the second door and take a righ
    Now go forward, etc, etc...

    Irritating as hell to read with nearly every other line that way.

    The functions needed just aren't there, such as:
    - Left-align, achieved by deleting of two or more consecutive spaces on a single line that starts with a space or a few border characters (EG: ||, +, etc)
    - Stripping single hard returns from paragraphs and replacing them where the new wrapping ends (EG: "righ?t.?Now, go..." becomes "right.?Now, go...")
    - Reducing three or more hard returns to only two, saving space and helping readability
    - Deleting remaining consecutive border characters (====) after the new wrapping instead of returning them to the next line
    - Deleting enough leaders (EG: Room 1 . . . . . ED0) so each section ID fits on a single line, or just deleting the leaders altogether

    WrapIt does have a format exemption feature (sandwich text between tildes to exempt it) for preserving tables/charts and a max line length specifier, but its other oversights render it a poor choice overall.

    This website gets about the closest to what I want simply by having two features: deletion of extra spaces and max line length specifier WITHOUT cutting off words, as WrapIt so annoyingly does.

    I also tried TextFormatterPlus, which couldn't do what I wanted at all. I'm currently checking out LiquidNinja's metapad, but I'm doubting it can do what I'm looking for.

    Anyway, I figured maybe some of you guys stumbled upon a way to automate text reformatting, be it crude or no. What might you suggest?