whats more stable, smooth and accurate VC or other emulators

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    VC is the most accurate IF it supports the chips for your game at all. NES can be a bit spotty there, and of course no super FX. Also a mild dimming effect that I'm not a fan of.

    However Bubble's emulators all run cart games at full speed, even on o3DS, so speed isn't an issue. There tend to be some minor audio or visual glitches with various games but its pretty good.

    GBA VC is a special case since it is more like running a DS game. Accuracy, compatability and speed are near perfect and other emulators cannot approach it, but you won't have save states.
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    Official VC is generally the best route. Avoid Retroarch, it's been broken for a while. If you don't want to do injection or want to play games with special chips, use Bubble2k16's emulators on titledb. GBA should always use injections though, mGBA isn't that great compared to the very nearly perfect AGB_FIRM.
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