What's in the future for Nintendo?

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    I wonder what's in the future for Nintendo

    As it looks, production of the Original Wii console has stopped being replaced by the Wii Mini & Wii U, which from recent reports I've came across here and there and the internet is also on the decline.

    Which leads me to the questions;
    Are they going to make a new console?
    Or are they going to quit making consoles and focus on handhelds like the 2DS & 3DS?

    In my opinion, I don't think that Nintendo has been any kind of competition for Sony and (unfortunately) Microsoft. On the same hand I think Sony and Microsoft are kind of jumping the gun releasing new consoles so soon after releasing their previous ones, PS3 -> PS4, Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xbox One. Especially in the economy we are in these days. Seems to me that they could have held off for at least a little while.

    So, with Nintendo not releasing console after console, are they planning something? Or not planning anything?
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    Not sure if you know that the Wii U is a new console or not.
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    Sep 10, 2014
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    Seems to me that the Wii U is an successor updated to HD 1080p version of the Wii with a handheld for a controller and very few other added features.
    Architecture seems to have very little difference. (I'm not a programmer in any way, but I see some of the same homebrew on both, so they cant be that different)

    Looking at Nintendo's history, what do we have?
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    Super Nintendo
    Nintendo 64
    Wii -> Wii U
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    what in the heck are you droning on about?
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    The Wii U is an entirely new console. It is not an "add-on" for the Wii. Only reason why people are so confused about this is how badly named it was. And the only "same homebrew" is when you use the Wii U's Wii Mode function. And the architecture is not "very little difference", the Wii U is more powerful than PS3 & Xbox 360 (but not as powerful as PS4 & Xbone)

    And idk what you mean by "Nintendo not releasing console after console", they do it around the same time as its competitors (give or take a year).

    6th Generation of Gaming (NA release dates & order):
    SEGA - Dreamcast (1999)
    Sony - PlayStation 2 (2000)
    Microsoft - Xbox (2001)
    Nintendo - GameCube (2001)

    7th Generation of Gaming:
    Microsoft - Xbox 360 (2005)
    Sony - PlayStation 3 (2006)
    Nintendo - Wii (2006)

    8th Generation of Gaming:
    Nintendo - Wii U (2012)
    Sony - PlayStation 4 (2013)
    Microsoft - Xbox One (2013)

    So what's the future for Nintendo? It's very likely that sometime during 2018-2020 is when Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will unveil their next consoles.
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    If Wii U is not Nintendo's newest console, then neither is the PS4 and XB1 for Sony and Microsoft.