What R4 to get and where?

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    Feb 29, 2016
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    Hi I have a Nintendo DSi verision 1.4.5U and I dont know which R4 to get . Whats the difference between the r4i and r4i gold and r4i dual core ? Thanks
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    R4i Gold (r4ids.cn)
    +fast menu (thanks to wood kernel)
    +great homebrew support, no need to use hbmenu to run some
    +save states
    +multiple save file slots
    -most expensive of the R4i cards today

    R4i 3DS RTS (r4i-sdhc.com)
    +cheaper than R4i Gold
    +multiple save STATE slots
    +in game guide (read your .txt guide during game)
    +the team is still active, a kernel update came out last month
    +built-in skin editor
    -menu is clunky
    -some homebrew requires hbmenu.nds to run

    R4i Dual Core (r4isdhc.com)
    +cheaper than R4i 3DS RTS
    +-clone of R4i 3DS RTS, so the same pros and cons

    R4i Dual Core (r4isdhc.com.cn, r4isdhc.in)
    +usually the cheapest R4i cards available
    +-hacked wood kernel, fast and seems to work well but I did not do extensive testing
    -no save states or ingame guide

    As for where to buy, check out the Online Stores and Purchases part of the forum for suggestions.
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