What psp to buy?

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  1. zac320

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Hello, I currently work offshore and get alot of free time in between shifts. I'm currently playing the pokemon series on my ds with a ez5vi but am getting over the selection of games on ds. So now I want to join the psp club.
    What I am asking is what psp would best suit me? I plan on softmodding mine to its full potential, I am capable of following tuts very well, have softmodded my wii with ease.

    I like the 1000 because of its sturdiness and ability to unbrick but there alot older and only 32mb ram,
    I like the 2000 because white is beautiful plus there newer, 64mb of ram, may be able to unbrick
    3000 alot newer mixed reviews on the "better screen" added mic, but no unbricking ability.

    Now I don't think ill have problem bricking one as I always follow instructions to a T. Plus I've heard you have to do something pretty stupid for it to happen. But I love the whites ones.
    So fellow gbatempers and psp'rs what model should I go for.
    Sorry for the quite long description I just want to get the best model for my needs, as ill be softmodding it.
  2. FrostLust

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    Feb 14, 2013
    i'd like to suggest PSP 1000, but... the network on it is blocked on God Eater 2 as i heard to reduce the lag and delays... so avoid it... makes you question yourself what other games' network are blocked on it?

    PSP 2000 could be the best in the series, i heard PSP 3000 is the best of all but playing videos make the picture blurry, that's old news so i'm not sure if they fixed that somehow even though i heard it can't be fixed with updates

    PSP Go just screw it, don't ever consider getting it

    so i suggest PSP 2000, unless you do want the mic on 3000 and don't mind the blurry video, also best of all is getting a bundle imo
  3. XiTaU

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    May 15, 2008
    United States
    I used to have a psp 1000 it lasted me many years but the screen had some bad ghosting.
    Since mine broke i just got a psp street and other then no wifi i find it better in every way it might feel cheap but it doesnt leave finger prints and get dirty.
    If i had to pick a system i would go for a 2000 or 3000 if money wasnt a factor but u can find 2nd hand street with minimal usage for $30-40
  4. zac320

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Looks like ill be going for the 2000, the prices are quite a difference too between the 3000 and 2000. I had already kinda answered all me questions I guess, was just looking to see if someone cauld give me a definite as to why choose one over the other. Keeping in mind softmodding will be the first thing ill be doing to it
  5. zeello

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    Apr 15, 2013
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    I have never seen any evidence of the 3000's screen problem. (maybe it was fixed, or only some models are affected by it) But I can tell that 2000's screen has ghosting whereas 3000 does not. So even if 3000 had scanlines, that doesn't even make it worse than 2000. It simply means you'd have to decide which is the lesser evil.

    make no mistake however
    3000 > 2000 >>> 1000

    (this does not take into account any homebrew/hacking. I have never done that sort of thing, I am only ranking the systems when "used as intended")