1. Mathew_Wi

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    Sep 29, 2009
    I'm trying to make a cIOS installer that mimics Waninkoko's. It's going fine so far.
    What I need to know is what Module runs the ISO from USB?

    So far the cios runs Backup DVDS and Loads USB Loader GX and shows my games.
    But when I go to launch it just makes the dvd drive go and then go to the HBC.

    I know waninkoko has a bunch of Modules on his git , but what one loads the isos?


    IOS Is 249.
  2. giantpune

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    Apr 10, 2009
    United States
    its not 1 module that does it. it is several modules. you start out with a normal IOS. then you add a ehci module (in hermes IOS this is done with mload). then you patch the DIP, or replace it completely. and if you want sdhc loading, you need a sdhc module.

    now, you start up a usb loader and first tell it where you want to play a game from and what game. this command goes to the DIP module which remembers that choice with just 1 variable for device (-1 for disc, 0 for USB, 1 for sdhc) and the ID6 of the game. now every time any command is sent to read from a dvd, the DIP gets it first and looks at its variables. if the variable says to use the USB drive, it dispatches the request to the ehci module. the ehci module gets the information from the hard drive. then the information is IPCed back through the DIP and finally back to the PPC to whatever is running there (either a game or a game loader).

    so for your shopping list, you will need the DIPP and EHCI definitely. you may also want to use mload and sdhc depending on what you want to do, but they shouldnt be required for this.

    also, take a look at the TMD fo waninkoko's IOS. notice how the indexes are out of order. if i remember correctly, its the EHCI module which is something like index 10, but it is 3rd in the list of indexes. when you make your installer, you also need to preserve this order. otherwise the IOS reload can crash.
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