What is cIOS?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Tony2Fingers, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I installed HBC and everything just fine on my wii
    Even got backups to work off dvd-r

    I understand what wads and dols are, but i cant for the life of me figure out cIOS

    I blindly softmodded my wii yesterday, i didnt know about this site, or any backup installer packs, or any of what I know now
    I used the Hackmii installer to get HBC working, and that was all pretty straight forward, I had wii version 3.3U, which i think is the easiest one to softmod

    Once I got HBC up and running I got wad-manager, the backup channel wad (version .1, or w/e the first version is), and cIOS36 rev10 installer, since thats what people were saying worked for backups
    And installed all that just fine

    So today i saw cIOS38 rev13 was the newest one, so I got that installed and ran that today

    cIOS36 rev10 is still what shows up, and as far as i can tell is what my wii is still using
    Wii Menu Loader didnt even list IOS38 until i used WiiSCU to install it (i assume cios38 rev13 and the IOS38 from WiiSCU is the same thing)

    Wii menu Loader lists all these as my IOSs


    I assume IOS and cIOS are the same thing

    I only installed cIOS36 rev10, IOS38 and IOS61, so I dont know where the rest of these came from, or what they are for
    cIOS36 rev 10 was installed by an installer, i tried installing cIOS38 rev13 the same way, but it seemed to not work, so i used WiiSCU to install the IOS38 listed there (IOS61 was also installed by using that)

    More info:
    I used Wii Menu Loader to get the list of IOSs above, using that to switch IOSs doesnt seem to work though
    HBC says im using IOS37 v8.22 (even if i change it with Wii Menu Loader)
    I also used signChecker to find out more about the IOSs, signChecker says im using IOS36 rev10, everytime I go to it (even if i change it with Wii Menu Loader)
    Heres a pic of the output file signChecker gives

    Note that it doesnt list IOS4, 9, or 11 like Wii Menu Loader does
    I also have BootMii installed on boot2, except i only know what the first 2 icons do (wii and HBC) and havent messed with the others, also i cant use the wiimote in bootmii, only the GC controller works (is that normal?)

    Basically what i want to know is, should I have that many IOSs, how can i switch between them, whats the differences between them, what should i be using to manage them, should/can i get rid of the unused ones, and is there a difference between cIOS and IOS?

    Any info about it would be appreciated
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    Wow man... first of all, be really, REALLY carefull when doing something to your Wii that wasn't intented by Nintendo. Because you can easily turn it into a brick.

    Second, a simple search here (or even Google!) for "cIOS" would have given you hundred of posts...
    Anyway, cIOS stands for "Custom IOS (Input/Output System)". Is a moddification made to a standard IOS by Nintendo, to introduce functionality not available in them. Latest available (from Waninkoko) is cIOS38 Rev. 13B (Rev. 14 due to mid July). It installs as IOS249 and there you'll have it listed if you look for it.

    I think that would clarify it for you. In any case, you have a LOT of reading to do to fully exploit the Wii potential.

    EDIT: To easily check what you have installed in your Wii, use AnyTitle Deleter. It'll also let you delete them (be carefull for God's sake!)
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    Mar 9, 2008
    a thanks. even though it wasnt itended for me lol.
    i had a brief idea on what it is.

    someone should make a wii glossary
  4. Tony2Fingers

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I understand now

    Sorry for the noob question

    Its installed as IOS249 (250 is a backup copy of it)
    IOS249 and IOS250 is cIOS38 rev13 (or whatever custom version your installing, in this case 38 rev13)
    I had to pick IOS36 when updating to cIOS38 rev13, in order for it to take effect on the IOS I was using on my wii

    Thats really confusing though, but i get it now

    Thanks for your help