What causes the 'dots' problem?

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    I've already gone through one Wii that broke because of the 'dots' problem that became apparent by December of 06. I got my Wii replaced/repaired (not sure what they did), and now all is well. I think my Wii was replaced, because before I sent it there was a problem with the Gamecube memory card slot flap not fitting in properly; when I got it back, it was fine. Though, that could be because they noticed that the flap was broken and replaced it.

    However, since I'm going to mod my Wii, and since my warranty has expired, I'd like to prevent my Wii from starting to overheat again. I don't know that Nintendo set my Wii up to keep this from happening again. When I got the dots problem, I was one of the first people to get it; when I was looking around for a solution, I couldn't find anything, cept one thread on NoA forums.

    Has it been figured out whether its actually Connect24 being on all the time that causes the Wii to break? I think that seems unlikely though, since I've had my Wii on Connect24 almost all the time for about a year and nothing has happened, though it could be because my Wii was in my freezing cold basement...but my 1st Wii that also broke stayed in the same place as well. The problem didn't become apparent until December, when I got Twilight Princess. Once the game opened to the menu, dots were very apparent where you see Link riding Epona in the intro, and in any dark areas, they were ALL over.

    Does anyone know of any ways to prevent the Wii from breaking by the 'dots' problem, since I'm going to mod my Wii, and I'd rather not have to buy a 2nd Wii.

    Also, is it possible that modding causes the overheating?

    UPDATE: I heard it was because the wireless card was built onto the graphics card that the Wii would overheat. This was fixed later on.

    BTW: I don't think my Wii is ever warm while on standby mode...just room temperature...but I wouldn't know from the time it was in my basement (many months) since it was just cold when I touched it. In my room, I kept it on a glass desk on top of its stand. Also, I've left my Wii on for more than 12 hours at a time while playing a game; I just hit the home button and turn off my TV and come back later. I've done this pretty often, but not usually for 12 hours at a time.

    Brain Blast: Thinking back, I remember that before my Wii broke, I had set it on its bottom on top of thick carpet. I now know that there are air holes on the bottom of the Wii to let air out. The Wii also had Connect24 on, and it was getting quite a bit of usage at that point. That may have been what caused it to break...
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    It's WiiConnect24, Nintendo has admitted it. Because the system is still running but the fans are not. With a system as smal as the nintendo wii any mess up in synchronization between the fan and the chips heating can lead to frying.
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    i bump and add this thread to my subscription. very useful info about the dodgy wii issues that everyone should give a read [​IMG]

    i heard about dots, overheating, and gpu issues for the wii but havent seen for myself. i wouldnt like to have them anyway ! ;P curious enough (like for wii drive noises lol), videos are on youtube courtesy of wii owners ;]

    Wii Display Issue

    see related for even more ofc ! ;P