What attacks do the Johto starters know out of the box (Pokemon)

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    Hi, in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, what attacks do the starters know when you first recieve them (assuming they haven't learned/forgotten any moves) Oh, and what attacks do the other reigon starters know (Before I was only curious about Johto, but what about the other reigons? That was why the title only says Johto.)
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    Behold, and lo at this verily glorious website: http://serebii.net/pokedex-dp/
    Nay, not only can it inform you the initial moves of the starters upon reception, but it will indeed inform you of all known Pokemon and of the moves they learn throughout each numerical stage of thier development.


    Forsooth! By the power of that website, I have been given the following revelation:
    Chikorita knows Tackle and Growl, Cyndaquil knows Tackle and Growl, and Totodile knows Scratch and Leer!

    I advise of you to consult this website for answers to further questions you may have on the sphere of Pokemon. If it fails to satiate your quest for knowledge, I recommend that you to seek out the Great Google in its stead.
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