Weirdest thing just happened right now...

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    Im on reiNAND 4.2 and updated sysNAND up to 10.7 with a9lh

    My girl was playing Sonic All Star Racing Transformed and I was using my pc, I always like to be around her when she plays in case something goes up but I mean if she has difficulties with any game etc. Anyway, she was in the Samba de Amigo Stage and grabbed the All Star Power up with Ralph and the game crashed and she told me: "what s this?"

    The game was asking to reboot, and when I did, it went to the dashboard but EVERYTHING was arranged as I had it like 2 months ago!!! The folders, the color of the theme and even the games were disorganized. I freaked out and didnt take a pic, just power off and reboot and EVERYTHING was in the Nintendo Present Bag. I had to unwrap ALL of my games and get them on their correct folders again.

    I didnt lose ANY saved game nor game per se. But really WHAT could have happened? Its like the 3DS went back in time to another nand backup or something?

    Also it leads me to think, can that glitch be an entry point for something? Sadly I wasnt watching so I dont know if I can recreate it.

    EDIT: Now that I think of it, I didnt erased the emuNAND partition I used to have when I used RxTools + ColdBoot. So maybe when it reset itself, he loads that emuNAND?
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