Weird laggy controller issue.

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    Has anyone experienced issues with the ps4 where the controller doesn't seem to be that responsive, like it lags behind the action happening on the screen, including in single player games.

    I've noticed it a few times but had another issue just now where I was playing horizon zero dawn and was aiming my arrow, firstly the aim kept on going too far left or right and when I let go of r2 to shoot it wouldnt fire for about half second or a second, O to dodge was a little off as well, as if the whole controller was lagging.

    I also noticed it on dead or alive 6 earlier.

    I have 2 controller and both are acting the same so its unlikely its the controller.

    I have an oroginal ps4 with 2tb hard drive and not really sure what going on.

    Anyone have any ideas?