1. Justin3133

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    Jun 18, 2018
    United States
    I modded my switch with sxos as soon as it became available but since then I have updated to sxos 3.0.5 beta and I am on system version 9.2.0 when I first modded my switch it worked in the dock just fine but I hardly ever used the dock so I updated the switch and it's been months since I tried the dock out but now when I put it in the dock the switch starts charging for a second, stops and the dock start flashing the green light really fast and doesn't connect to the tv. I have autoRCM on and I have switched out power cables HDMI cables even tried a new dock but I have the same result. I wiped all data with haku33 but still nothing. when I plug the switch into the wall it doesn't charge I have switched out chargers but nothing but when I plug it into my pc it connects and charges fine. could it be the charge chip or the charge port? the charge port doesn't look damaged at all.
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