Hacking Webman fan control settings, please advise


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Aug 3, 2015
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I recently had to set up everything again due to a HD change and forgot what my Webman settings were for the fan control. Originally, about a year ago, I found and was following a good tutorial on CFW installation that went over the fan settings but I cannot seem to find that tutorial now. I have a PS3 Slim (2500a) console with the latest Rebug installed.

Any suggestions on what I should put the fan settings at to keep it cool? Just out of curiosity, how long (years or hours per year - roughly) can a PS3 run before having heat issues? I bought this PS3 new last year and modded it just as a side project, I am more of a collector than a user. Like a classic car, I keep it on the blocks most of the time to preserve it, lol.

So what fan settings would be good to keep it cool and help preserve it? And does changing the fan settings diminish the life of the fan (I guess better to change a fan than deal with prolonged overheated, right)?

Or should I even be using the dynamic fan control?

Edit: If anyone has any links to good tutorials that cover this please feel free to share, I tried looking through some of the tutorials here and couldn't find the relevant information, thanks.
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