We are Tekken Art Contest-Ends in 16 hours

Discussion in 'GBAtemp Art Studio' started by WarMachine77, Jul 15, 2012.

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    I was wondering if I could request your assistance. I am kinda shy about requesting this from the community, but I need college tuition and was wondering if you could help me. It's not much but it will chip away at the cost.

    http://turbanator2099.deviantart.com/ar ... -314602679

    This is my artwork that I have entered for the We Are Tekken Art Contest. I am currently in 12th place out of 100 or so entries but need to be in the top five in order to win.

    This is the link to vote;

    https://apps.facebook.com/ttt-two/?gall ... view&id=38

    By the way, if anyone wants to send me a clear list of what needs to be done for any character, Batman, Scarecrow, etc. I'm all game =)

    Thank you all!

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    I voted for you.
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