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    Anyone have a tutorial on using this? I tryed to copy drive to drive but is not working. The drive that has the games only appears on the bottom drive -to drive. My new drive only appears on the top. I could add games from the cpu to the new blank drive. But can not add games from drive to drive. The new drive does not show up at the bottom. And the drive with the game does not show up at the top.
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    First, make sure both your drives have been assigned different drive letters, and are recognized by your PC. Open WBFS Manager (3.0.1), and plug in your drive that already has the games on it. Press the "refresh drives" button, and select your drive from the pull down list, and click Load. Your games should appear in the (upper)left window. Click the drive-to-drive button to expand the lower window. Now plug in your empty drive, or the one you wish to copy games to, and repeat the steps to get it loaded in the lower window.

    I've never performed a clone-drive, but I can recommend just selecting the games from the top (hold ctrl to select multiple), and then clicking the "copy to this drive" button in the lower window.
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    try a different wbfs program? there are several.