Hacking vWii NAND space and Japanese Wiiware questions


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Dec 28, 2011
United States
So, I have some issues with the vWii on my Wii U.

The first issue that I have with the Homebrew channel itself. I hacked the vWii way back when I first received the Wii U in 2013 and haven't really updated it since. So, it's still having the issue where I have to open the "Aspect Fixer" program every time I start it. Since them, I've been told the problem is fixed with the newer HBC, but I wanted to know how I can go about updating/installing it. I know this comes across as a simple issue, but I want to ask for safety reasons.

The next two issues that I have are of my primary concern. The first is that I have an issue with my backups of Japanese Wiiware. Where, whenever I attempt to load the games in Wiiflow, one of two problems occurs. The first is that, for whatever reason, the games lack a "title" in the Wii system. As in, the game can be listed as a channel on the system's NAND, I can even load the channel in the system UI, but it doesn't have a title listed whenever I hover the mouse over the channel nor when I'm managing storage space. And, whenever I attempt to actually launch the game in Wiiflow, the game is not listed at all, like the program doesn't acknowledge the game exists. Thus far, I have had two games that are an exception to this, where there is a title listed in the system, but refuse to exist on Wiiflow still. The second issues I have with my Japanese games is that there are a few that refuse to load the Japanese text and font. Some titles I resolved this issue with by setting the language to "Japanese" in Wiiflow, but I still have a few titles that refuse to load the Wii's default Japanese font and text despite the setting change. If you want a list of examples to test it out for yourself, here's some of the titles that I am having these issues with (For the localized titles, remember I'm referring to their Japanese release, NOT their Western release):
  • Adventure Island: The Beginning
  • Alien Crush Returns
  • Fantasic Cube
  • Shootanto
  • Sorcery Blade
  • Water Warfare
Second issue I'm having is with the NAND's storage limits. I know about the fact that I can offload games to the SD card and load them from there, but I've noticed that there are a load of titles that I cannot load from the vWii's UI, even ones that are native to my system's region (U.S.). And, AFAIK, I cannot launch the games on the SD card through Wiiflow. However, I believe I remember hearing some people loading their Wii's UI off of the SD card as an EMU NAND so that they can expand their system's storage, so I was wondering if that is possible and how to go about it. In addition, would the EMU NAND make the vWii region-free, or would I still have to load the Japanese Wiiware through Wiiflow? If it's the latter case, how can I go about having the vWii automatically load into Wiiflow whenever I boot into it from the Wii U's menu?

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