Volume slider super stiff =(

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    Hey everyone,

    Recently, my DS was working completely fine. On a car trip I was playing with it and all was good, and the volume slider was fine. After reaching home i placed my DS in its case (one of them soft ones that your DSL fits snugly into and zips up) and put it in my lap. After something happened, can't remember what, I just got out of the car and my DS fell out of my lap and hit the concrete, but since it was in its case i thought it was OK and got into the house. As soon as I started playing, however, I realised that the volume slider was SUPER stiff and wouldn't move without some effort. However, the volume changed just as normal. Being a perfectionist, especially about my gadgets (eg phone, mp3, DS) I was super agitated and proceeded to try everything that I could to fix it. Eventually I googled it and found one person who had dropped their DS as well and the volume slider got stuck, and they said they fixed it by dropping it a few times. So relucantly I put it into its case and dropped it, each time checking the slider until, to my surprise, it worked fully again.

    However, after that incident my slider got stiff again (it was in my bag, in its case, so it probably got knocked around a little), so I used my dropping technique to fix it. BUT, later that same day (after putting it back into its case, into my bag) it got stiff AGAIN, but this time no matter what I did, it wouldn't get unstuck! Then I realised that when turning on my DS, the green light came on but the screen stayed black, like [​IMG] !!! Luckily, though, after giving it a bit of a hit, it turned on normally again. [​IMG] However, now that had had scared me I was very reluctant to keep trying the dropping technique, so my slider's still stuck [​IMG]

    Has anyone encountered this before, and how did you fix it? I know that its not crap stuck there, because as I said, I'm a perfectionist with my DS and I always carry around a microfibre cloth to clean my DS, and i never let ANYONE touch it apart from myself, and NEVER without washing my hands beforehand. (yes, laugh at me.. [​IMG] )

    I'm not really wanting to open it up, though, because my parents never let me buy anything being conservatists, so I don't think I'll be able to get a tri-wing, and as for warranty, I bought this in Hong Kong on an overseas trip 'cause i wanted the cobalt blue/black colour that's not available here in Austalia =S. Plus, if I screwed up my DS's insides I wouldnt be able to get another DS, which would kill me [​IMG]

    Any help on this? Thanks a lot.
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    Jeeze, what a demon case, lol.

    But the only thing you CAN do is open the DS up and check the slider, and the plastic part which slides the slider. Sounds like it cracked somewhere, and/or got pushed in a wrong direction.

    It's extremely easy to check for that kind of stuff. So don't be scared about opening it up. But if you do, be VERYYYYYY careful when putting the bottom case back on. Be careful not to snap the power button slider. Line everything up and place down gently.
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    i think that even though you didn't buy it here you can still send it to nintendo but you'll have to pay for it