VNDS problem: cannot progress script with stylus

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    I have seen errors stating that tapping the screen progresses the script, even when on a choice screen - I have a different problem. I can use all of the other tap-screen commands - scrolling the already-read script up and down, backlight options, saving, loading and et cetera - but I cannot progress the script by tapping the screen. I've tried tapping the blinking arrow at the bottom of the screen, and every other part of the screen, but with no success. ??I've experimented, and there is nothing wrong with my DS's touch screen - from the bottom corner of the screen where the arrow is, I can actually scroll the script by moving my stylus up and down. I can progress the script by either pressing the A button or Y button - the flow of data is not an issue.?

    here are my specs:?

    Original (fat) NDS
    ?R4 original (non-clone) running wood

    VNDS version 1.4.9 running Tsukihime r21 (delicious ciel :B)??

    Any help would be adored.
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    [​IMG] Okay, I have been working with VNDS a lot, due to the game I am porting to it right now and I have experienced this problem before. Basically, VNDS has either disabled your ability to use the touchpad (I think the new update has removed touch support due to an error.) or VNDS has become curropted. I have had this happen as well. Replace VNDS with a fresh download and check it out: It should work fine. Ah, but check my Runaway City Port once you get the chance!
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    Jan 26, 2009
    and make sure you don't miss Fate/Stay Night! that port was liquid awesome.