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    im posting here some value differences of some games compared to actual Physical NES or Gameboy cartridges. some of the considerations include, Rarity of original carts, Does it add anything new to the gameplay?, is it even possible to buy all the games in a series?, is there a Better Version? and is there really any reason to have it on a 3DS at all?

    basically, is the eShop version more worthwhile than a Real Cartridge, or Emulation like MAME.


    -single copy Download Play:

    River City Ransom, Warios Woods, tecmo Bowl, Balloon Fight, Yoshi, Ice Climber,

    -Rare games, expensive as cartridges:

    Summer Carnival 92 recca, SMB Lost Levels, Shantae GBC, Toki Tori, Blaster Master

    -breakout clones with analog stick:

    Kirby Block Ball, Alleyway


    Crystal Warriors, Defenders of Oasis, Shining Force, legend of the river king, sword of hope 2, dragon crystal

    -not the same as NES versions:

    GB Dr Mario, GB Pac-Man, GB Golf, GB Donkey Kong.

    -collected as part of a series

    -Game & Watch gallery, pair with the 9 DsiWare G&W, and DS G&W collection 1,2
    -Zelda games, pair with OOT remake and LBW
    -GB Donkey Kong, pair with Mario Vs. DonkeyKong series.
    -GB Kid Icarus, pair with 3D Classics KI, and 3DS Kid Icarus
    -Marios Picross, pair with Picross DS, Picross 3D, Picross e4


    -Common games:

    SMB, SML, GB Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog GG (Not 3D Classics), Columns, city connection

    -incomplete series:

    SMB 1 and 2, missing 3
    GB Mega Man, missing II, III, IV, V
    Donkey Kong 1 and JR, missing 3 (DK3 now available)
    Castlevania, Missing Legends, Belmonts Revenge, Simons Quest, and Draculas Curse.
    Super C, no Contra (due to the Iran-Contra affair)

    -Missing Super Gameboy Colors:

    GB Donkey Kong, GB Metroid. GB Kirbys Dream Land, GB Balloon Fight, GB Dr Mario

    -inferior versions:

    NES Metroid, re-released on GBA as zero mission
    Punch Out, doesn't include Mike Tyson.
    prince of persia
    Donkey Kong, missing pie factory level from the arcade
    NES Pac-Man
    Mean Bean Machine, ripoff of Puyo Pop
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    Nov 23, 2013
    But this is merely your opinion? Or is it just based on certain things?

    What about game-play value? SML is a great game in my opinion... (just 1 example).

    You are atm just putting up a list without any explanation or anything. And thus it has no real value as a topic.
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    the point is comparing to physical cartridges, if the physical cartridge is hard to find then it might suit the collector to save that $100 for copy of Recca Carnivall 92 on ebay, and instead buy the eShop version. on the other hand, considering "Super Mario Bros" was packaged with every NES, and there are about 1,000,000,000 copies of SMB in the wild, and can be bought for 50 cents at any thrift store, then $5 is horribly overpriced.

    in the case of "Shantae", for example, there are several things to consider,
    1. Shantae GBC cartridges are RARE and go for a mint on ebay.
    2. Emulators have a hard time running it at full framerate.
    3. for collectors, Shantae DSiware, and New Shantae 3DS are already Download only, so its just as well to have it sitting on the 3DS menu next to the others.
    4. the game is pretty fun.

    so as you can see the paltry $5 they ask for Shantae is an incredible bargain!. although for a CON, Shantae GBC has GBA mode features, only available if played on a GBA.

    another element to consider would be extra content. anyone can play roms on an emulator, so in the case of retro games you are paying for the service, not the game. if a game has Download Play, New Controls, or added 3D effect, then its a good deal, But if a GB game doesn't have Super Gameboy borders or even GBC colors the its a Bad Deal.

    and if a Better, Duplicate Version is available, then its a Bad deal.
    Metroid, vs Metroid Zero Mission on GBA
    River City Ransom, vs RCR EX on GBA
    Punch Out, vs Mike Tysons Punch out on NES
    GB Tetris, vs NES Tetris or Tetris DX on GBC
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    How does it being in an in-complete series make it a bad value?
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    Aug 23, 2007
    if a games not available then your going to have to use emulators to play them. if thats the case the you might as well just emulate all the games in the series.

    thats the entire point of having Virtual Console, so a fan of Mega Man for instance, could play all the games in the series in consecutive order, from 1 to 5. if half of them are missing and you have to resort to Emulators to complete the series, than whats the point really.

    besides that all trilogy's follow the uncanny valley, the 3rd one is the best.
    1. a really good game or movie
    2. followed by a disappointing sequal that doesn't belong with the others.
    3. then an awesome third that completely surpasses the others.

    Super Mario 3 was the best in the series, SM 2 was just a sprite hack of a Famicom game.
    Castlevania Dracula curse > simons quest
    Legend of Zelda > Zelda 2 < link to the past
    Donkey Kong 3 > Donkey Kong Jr
    Final Fantasy 3 > Final Fantasy 2


    same with MOVIES
    Back to the future
    Star Wars
    Austin Powers
    The Matrix
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    Aug 23, 2007
    now eShop has DOUBLE DRAGON. it has 2P Download Play so its a great value, even though i think Double Dragons 2-player is only a simple 1on1 fighting game, still not bad though.

    and all the SEGA 3D classics are up now

    3D Space Harrier - value: good
    it says it has touch screen functionality and arcade cabinet mode.
    plus its a 3D game, so it makes sense to have stereoscopic 3D

    3D Super Hang-On - value: good
    says it has Tilt Controls and a moving cabinet mode.
    this also is a sort of 3D ish game. 3D effects should look good

    3D Altered Beast - value: poor
    no extra features. no download play, local play only (need 2 copies).
    a pretty common game. and 3D is unnecessary in a side scroller.

    3D Sonic the Hedgehog - value: fair
    another common game everybody's already played a million times,
    its been re-released on many platforms from GBA to PSP to Gamecube.
    however it does have Zone Select and Spin Dash move.

    3D Galaxy Force II - value: good
    3D view like space harrier, another perfect candidate for stereoscopic 3D.
    this one isn't even on the PS3 Genesis collection.
    it claims to have "drastically improved visuals", fits the entire screen,
    and "gamepad pro" which i assume is a typo for "Circle Pad Pro"

    3D Ecco the Dolphin - value: poor
    it says the only feature is "super dolphin mode"
    where your health and breath never deplete.
    also a pretty common game.