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Discussion in 'Wii U - Games & Content' started by Doodle299, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Doodle299

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    Mar 22, 2014
    United States
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section...

    Anyways, I was wondering if it was bad to use glitches in Wii U VC games. I wanted to try some glitches in Link to the Past, mainly the one where you beat the game in under five minutes.

    Can I get in trouble(banned, etc) for doing these glitches?

    (Sorry, I know this is a rather stupid question, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.)
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  2. Futurdreamz

    Futurdreamz GBAtemp Addict

    Jun 15, 2014
    They're not network games so there's no issue at all. However, if you post the glitches on Miiverse Nintendo may or may not take notice I don't know.
  3. VinLark

    VinLark This machine kills bourgeois sentimentality.

    Jun 11, 2016
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Psychosystem Denomination
    No, you will not get banned if you do glitches in your own time. But if you post on Miiverse pictures of it people might report it and then you have a chance to get banned.
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