1. Yugimumoto1

    OP Yugimumoto1 Advanced Member

    Feb 8, 2015
    United States
    So i bought a ps2 for $15 at a thrift shop. fixed it so it will run games off the internal hdd with opl.

    everything works great except for one small detail. i have three controllers (2 Dualshock 2's and 1 Dualshock 1) and whenever i use the Dualshock 2's the rumble doesn't work. but if i use the Dualshock 1 (ancient thing that it is) on the exact same game i get the rumble. one of the Dualshock 2's is transparent and i can see that the rumble feature is totally busted but the other one is perfectly fine and the guy i bought it from said that the rumble worked.

    anyway it's a minor problem and you don't need to rush to get me a solution.
    thanks anyway.
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