Very lost, Which Flashcart is right for me?

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  1. person2333

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    My girlfriend has a DSi (Ver. 1.4.1 U) its the blue-ish (almost teal in the right light) colored one. I bought it for her when the DSi system first launched. Since then shes only had a few games and I am looking to boost the replay value of her DSi, and I am sure you all know what position I am in now.

    I am new to the DS scene in general and don't really know how flashcarts work. I understand the general idea that they use roms and such but I am a bit confused on which cart to buy. Could anyone give me some information on what the best flashcart would be for my girlfriend's DSi (Ver 1.4.1 U) in order to play the DSi/DS roms. I would prefer one that can download and play DSi exclusive games too, so if that helps to narrow down my options then good.

    Any info anyone could give me to help me get started would be most appreciated. The more in depth information and steps on how and what to do, which cart I should order, and how I would go about installing and downloading games (to the DSi).

    Thanks in advance for everyone who will take the time to help me out [​IMG] Just FYI, I am more of a PSP gamer myself, I have the latest CFW for my PSP-1000 so I am pretty confident I will pickup on the process of installing roms fairly quickly.
  2. person2333

    person2333 Newbie

    Also, What is the difference between the all the carts out there? I know there are quite a few. With modding my PSP, I only needed a modded battery and a custom firmware loaded onto a memory stick. Once I installed the firmware, that was it, fairly easy, then I just loaded the games from the memory stick and voila. So this whole flashcart concept is what is new to me, if anyone could be very specific on the steps and process I would much appreciate it [​IMG]
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    It's really quite simple, you just put these "flashcarts" (cartridges that are the same size as official games, but load unofficial code with a microsd card) into your DS and run them from the DS as you would a regular game.

    You may want to start out reading this and looking at this

    as downloading ROMs is illegal, we can only inform you of how to back up your own games

    Right now the only game that can play DSi exlusive games is the CycloDS iEvolution, however many DSi exclusive games are not dumped and many DSi enhanced games aren't properly dumped with the "DSi enhanced" features

    Also, the CycloDS iEvolution still cannot access the SD card slot and it cannot run any DSiWare unofficially (however you can still buy it like normal)

    If you think the limitations of the iEvo make it not worth it (it is quite expensive, $50ish), then consider either the Acekard 2i or the DSTWO.

    The Acekard 2i is basically the best straight up flashcart with only a few extra features. It gets updates regularly with the unofficial AKAIO firmware and has bettery life better than even standard DS games. ($15ish)

    The DSTWO has a CPU on the cartridge that allows it to be powerfully enough to run things such as a GBA emulator (only way to play GBA games on a DSi/3DS) and a SNES emulator better than the one for regular flashcarts, as well has homebrew made specifically for the DSTWO. The DSTWO also has many extra features like anti anti-piracy that allows it to play any new game without any patches (Pokemon black/white worked perfectly the day they came out). It also has a realtime menu which allows slowmotion, cheat toggling, guide viewing, and save states (the iEvo has a realtime menu too).($35ish)
  4. s4mid4re


    Apr 2, 2011
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    it's much easier than applying cfw to psp (in other words, it doesn't require anything like moding the kernel of the hard itself)

    all you do is get the flashcart, put the firmware (downloaded from the official website of that specific cart, which is usually written on the cart itself or the box) and games/homebrews into a micro SDHC card from 2-32gb memory.

    As of the flashcart, get an acekard 2i or DSTwo; these two are currently very active and highly supported. both carts have DSi v1.4.1 and 3DS support and great compatability. DSTwo is pretty pricy ($35~), while acekard 2i is affordable ($15~). I certainly don't recommend buying the Cyclo iEvo just for the DSi-mode support.
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