Very confused. Please help, just softmodded Wii, Preloader question

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by tazz212, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Hello gang.

    I just received a Wii, and have been going through a Tutorial softmodding it.

    However, I believe I made an error.

    I have managed to get the HBC channel, and the I installed PreLoader

    I am in PreLodaer and I get many options:

    If I click on System Menu - I get " the system files are corruputed...Etc...
    If I click on Homebrew Channel: I get "error autobooting HBC. Maybe title not installed"
    If I click on Installed File: I get the HackMii installation.

    If I go through the HackMii installation, I am able to run HBC, NeoGamma and then boot a backup disc.

    However, there has to be a way to continuously avoid having to install the HBC channel in order to get everything up and running.

    I feel as though I made an error installing PreLoader (I don't know what I could have done)

    Is there any feedback or suggestions out there?

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    post what guide you used to hack the wii.

    Also what system menu are you currently on?

    Also a few things

    corrupt system menu message

    your probably getting this because you installed preloader and then patched the ios used by preloader.This is cause the system menu corrupt message to appear every time.Reinstalling preloader will fix this issue.

    error autobooting HBC. Maybe title not installed

    Sounds to me like you have the latest version of HBC(1.0.6) and the old version of preloader.What happen with 1.0.6 of HBC was it changed its title ID from HAXX to JODI.Now preloader always looks for the title HAXX and it doesnt find it because it was changed to JODI.
    Installing the new modified JODI version of preloader will fix this issue or you can reinstall an older version of the HBC that still uses HAXX for the title.

    If I click on Installed File: I get the HackMii installation

    When you click on install file inside preloader it boots whatever boot.dol is on the root of the sd card.In this case its the hackmii installer.The reason its doing this is because all hacking guides use the hackmii installer boot.dol on the root of the sd card because its the first step in hacking a wii basically and you just never bothered to delete the file after you were done.