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    Jan 16, 2016
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    Hello, I usually just do a lot of reading for fear of getting banned. I learned a long time ago that usually it's best to just keep googling and reading until the answer pop's up. Or I might slip up and ask a question about something taboo and get banned. Especially back when everyone was messing with DTV and Dish. But it's really annoying to finally post something and get told I don't have sufficient privileges to post. I hate to just make a bunch of pointless post to try to get my privileges up high enough to one day be able to post here. I have everything up and running, at the moment I'm looking into getting my Mario Kart 8 DLC from my console so my son can play it again. Before he understood what a scratch would do to his game he scratched his Mario Kart 8 disk. Well Nintendo wants $30 plus the old disk to send us a new one and here I am. I got Mario Kart 8 working with updates using the Super Smash Brothers Digital Version exploit Mii Maker would allow the updates on Mario Kart 8. Oh well just saw others asking about the digital version of SSB and others told them they had to have the disk. I just took any disk out of the Wiiu and selected the SSB exploit and everything works, oh well.
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