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  1. Shaswati

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Can anyone plz give a guide to backup and restore saves on old3ds
  2. TheDuckMan64

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    Oct 9, 2015
    Don't know how to link to a certain post, but check my first post on
  3. Rhapsody

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    Jan 4, 2016
    United States
    United States
    It's about as simple as it gets once you figure out what does what. Here's the basic rundown;

    When you start svdt, the launcher you're using asks you to choose which game you'd like to browse the savedata for. Pick the game. Once svdt loads, there are two columns on the top screen. The left one shows your game's save data, and the right one shows your SD card's file structure. You can press Y while hovering over a specific file or folder on either column to copy it over to the other side. In simpler terms, you can copy your save data over to your SD card by hovering over the '...' at the top of the column on the left, and it'll copy every file that makes up the save data over to the SD card. You can just hover over a specific file to send only that one over instead. Copying save data does not delete the save data on your system. As copying implies, it only creates a COPY of the save data on your SD card.

    After you copy your save data over and view your SD card on your computer, let it be through FTP software or what have you, you'll notice an 'svdt' directory on the root of your SD card. Go into there, and you'll find a folder that has the name of the game you copied your save from. Inside of that folder is a timestamped folder that contains your data. You may notice that you probably have TWO folders there already, each with different timestamps. svdt doesn't tell you it does this, but each time you load it, it creates a backup of your save data just in case something goes wrong. If you're editing the save data now, it doesn't matter which directory you pick in this case; just make sure to remember which directory you chose since that's the one you'll use to restore the save data should you modify it.

    Once you modify the save data, put the modified save data back in the folder you chose. Put the SD card back in your device if you removed it, and open up svdt and select your game again. This time, use the right D-Pad button to move over to the right column, and select the svdt folder, and then the folder with the name of the game you chose. Open the directory you modified, and then press Y while hovering over the '...' at the top of the column. This'll overwrite your game's save data with your modified save data. The bottom screen will tell you that the operation is going to overwrite files, and it'll tell you how to approve the overwrite for all of them at once, so do that if you're sure.

    That's about it. Believe it or not, the readme on the github page has some useful info.
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    EDIT: Oops, wrong thread. XD
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    The easiest thing to do is use JKSM instead if you have the ability to install CIAs
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