USB, WDFS XP Problems

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by hippyharry, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Hey guys

    Had a search about, and im struggling to find info on all this. Got the USB loader working perfectly on the homebrew channel, and i have Mario Kart in the drive, managed to copy the game straight to the WBFS Partition on my external hard drive.

    Managed to play the game too.

    So, i was chuffed with that.

    Now, when i connected the hard drive to my PC, it didnt automatically assign a drive letter. I went into Disk Management and assigned one myself, but also clicked the "Do Not Format", since the Wii had already formatted the drive into the WBFile System format.

    Now, when i tried to use WBFSManager, it did move the ISO's i already have on my PC, which are the full 4.37GB size, onto the WBFS hard drive. Came up saying "Succesfful" and the rest of it.

    Problem here though, is Mario Kart didnt show up in the list, even though it was copied over and could be played. And when i plugged the hard drive back into the Wii, Only Mario Kart would show up.

    Where am i going wrong here in getting this to work?