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    Oct 1, 2011
    Hi Guys, I have a few questions here regarding USB Loading:
    1. How do I convert ISO's to WBFS? I don't want to format my HDD to wbfs because I need to access my HDD for some reasons.
    2. Regarding Question. Do I really need to convert it to WBFS
    3. If yes in Question 1&2. In which folder will I put it at?
    4. Regarding Question 3. Does it matter If I use WiiFlow or Configurable USB Loader?
    5. Is there already a GC USB loader?
    6. Is it safe to scrub an ISO?
    7. How mach games can a 300GB HDD hold?
    8. In using WiiMC. Does WiiMC support HDDs? If yes, In which folder will I put my songs and movies?
    9. Can you give me links custom themes for WiiFlow?
    10. Is it possible to fix a bricked Wii by not using the following:
    -NAND Programming
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