usb loader with wiird support

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I made this half a year ago after looking for a usb loader that supported WiiRd. I don' know if any currently do, otherwise this is basically useless as it is only a very simply modified version from the original v1.5 source. When configurable usb loader came out with WiiRd support i could never get it working, but I have not tried it lately.

    Tested extensively with Mario Kart Wii [​IMG] and works well. Also worked with Fire Emblem, not tested with any others.
    It only makes use of 1 hooking method that was available from old geckoos sources when I made it so I am sure it will not work with all games.

    Not sure if it works with the updated sdk. I also deleted the contents in the build directory when preparing to post this and I never got it to compile again. I don't know or really care anymore but hopefully this will be of some use to someone otherwise sorry for wasting your time.

    Self-explanatory, just pick a game then press + to start with debugging instead of a. Load up WiiRd.

    hbc app folder