USB-Loader : Verify function needed

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FoGBaV, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. FoGBaV

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Hi Folks,

    some of the users here are talking about redumping an game because some dumps are corrupted ...

    So i ask myself ... is there the posibility that something goes wrong when dumping games to the USB-Filesystem ?

    This would be very bad in case someone deletes the org. Iso from PC after dumping.

    Solution : Build in a verify function to the Tools : ADD -> Rebuild Iso -> Byte Compare !

    Don't know how to build this into the org. Loader when dumping from disc ... but should be possible ...

    What do you think about the "corruption" posibility and solutions - maybe i am totaly wrong here ?
  2. Cypherdias

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I've never heard that copying an ISO to WBFS leads to a corrupted file, so a verify function to compare it with the ISO doesn't make much sense, I think. Corruptions DO occur when dumping the games from DVD directly using the USB Loader install function. A verify function would take much more time there I think. Anyway I would prefer a more "secure" (and more time-consuming) dumping method over trying it again and again because of corruptions.
  3. Kikoshi

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    Dec 21, 2006
    I'll toss in my cent's but not much [​IMG] we're in a bad economy
    But The thing is, you can dumb the burned Copy to a Iso with the Wii to the HDD with USBloader( Lets call it U-L for short.
    But it takes to long correct?
    Then do it on the pc! but wait, you deleted the original backup ISO, but you got the disks.. So Just Redump the burned disk's you did to the System-aka-PC, as an ISO and Reupload them with the WBFS tool to the HDD
    The speed that you burned this games, is the same speed you should be Making the Dump to the PC from.
    For example on my ISO maker Program, I dumped MP:3 at 4x to 6x It will hang in between so it wont be a long wait for the ISO and it will be compatible at the speed the game was burned.
    I Dumped the game to the HDD, and the Thing works!
    Dada [​IMG]

    edited: Because some people might mistake "system" for the Wii and not the PC.
  4. Lafie

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    Oct 13, 2008
    I'm actually with you on this one, and I can say from experience that I've seen corrupted transfers to WBFS partition both by using the wbfs tool and the usb loader to dump a disc. So a corruption can occur with either transfer method.
    Maybe this verify function could be an argument in the command line versions of the wbfs tool (example: wbfs_win.exe G -v add somethin.iso, and the -v being the argument for verifying the transfer afterwards) and a serarate function too (example: wbfs_win.exe G verify RD24GW).
    In the GUI versions of the WBFS tool and the USB Loader it could be added in a similar way.
  5. Jay84Jay

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    Apr 23, 2008
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    It can be done , look at how Xbox360 games get verified through a online network.