Usb Loader GX wont show gamecube isos

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    I recently installed the homebrew channel along with all the other applications that allow you to play Gamecube games of off a USB stick. as the title suggests, my USB loader doesn't show my Gamecube games... I have done the following: Set Gamecube path to the "games" folder I made on the USB stick. I ticked the box to show GC games. I Updated USB loader gx to the current version. I might have done more, but I don't recall... It's not the iso files, because I loaded them off of wiiflow and they worked. I just want the Wii games and the Gamcube games to show up onto one app. I appreciate any sort of help I can get, I'm relatively new to this whole modding process. I will do my best to answer any sort of question to help figure out the problem. Thank you for reading my post.
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    maybe you didn't place the ISO into the expecting path or filename.
    Wiiflow might be compatible with more filename or path layout than USBLoaderGX.

    1) USBLoaderGX only list games if they have the correct filename : "game.iso" and "disc2.iso"
    it doesn't list games if they are named "Zelda.iso" or "mario.iso".

    I think wiiflow is compatible with ISO located in /games/ alone, but not USBLoaderGX.
    Be sure your games are inside subfolders.

    /games/Your game title here/game.iso
    /games/Your game title here/disc2.iso

    example :
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker/game.iso

    it's even better if you know the game ID and add it to the path name, like this:
    /games/Zelda Wind Waker [GZLP01]/game.iso

    if the path contains the GameID, it will speed up the loader's launch time.

    You might wonder why /games/mario.iso is also compatible with Wiiflow?
    This path is used by another backup loader (Devolution), but not by DIOS MIOS or Nintendont.
    While devolution is also compatible with the other layout.
    So, there's no need to have games duplicated in different places on the same drive to work on multiple loaders at the same time, so only one path is used in USBLoaderGX.
    /games/subfolder/file.ext is working with all gamecube backup loaders.
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    I had this problem, there was no setting to change gamecube setting to nintendont.

    I had to update usbloadergx, the all in one package found in the main thread on gbatemp is outdated. Download the singular file in the same thread for an updated version.
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    if he use the one from the googlecode package (which can't be updated, googlecode removed file upload long time ago) he can still update the loader once installed using the update menu inside the settings.
    It's not the last revision, but it the last stable has has all nintendont settings.

    I'll soon update the internal updater to provide latest revision too.