Hacking USB Loader GX, WiiFlow, DM disc swap


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May 16, 2013
I found this forum searching a solution for the disc swap of GC games.

I've read this thread: http://gbatemp.net/threads/i-am-hav...ding-something-about-multi-disc-games.343451/ and still I can't swap discs..

I'm playing Tales of Symphonia from iso files.

Dios Mios version: DM 2.9 (not lite) installed with YAWM, on ios 249 NAND disable (which I don't know what they are.. just left that way)
USB Loader GX version: 3.0 IOS 249 installed as before + USB Loader GX-UNEO Forwarder 5 1 AHBPROT (which I don't know what is it)
plus searching on forums I changed .dol in the usb loader gx folder..
Wii Flow version: 4.1.2

The game is on the USB FAT32, both cds are in the same folder usb1:/games/GAMENAME
I did them with the DMToolBox, already names game.iso and disc1.iso

Loaded TOS on WiiFlow, with a music CD in when at the swap moment I ejected and got an error to turn the console off and read the manual.

1. Music CD in, USBLoaderGX loaded TOS, press eject when the moment -> error
2. Music CD in, USBLoaderGX loaded TOS, didn't press eject -> error
3. No Music CD in, USBLoaderGX loaded TOS, dind't press eject -> error

error is the same I had on WiiFlow.. it's something from the console

Now I'm installing DML 2.9 with YAWM

I'll try to load TOS with USBLoaderGX, no music disc in. DM(L?) loaded the game. Not pressing eject -> error
Last try for now: Music CD in, USB Loader GX. DM(L?) loaded the game. Not pressing eject -> error

I did not touched any configuration about the 2 loaders, my mem card is physic.
I need to load that disc for my mom she likes these games, help ; ;

I can post whatever you need to help me if you tell me to, I'm not very good to administrate the Wii it has too much apps to be used u.u

Thanks for your help.

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    ILeo @ ILeo: nvm i had to change the usb folders name to "GAMES"