USB Loader GX - savegame data to USB HD

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    Hi, I've been searching everywhere for a how-to for my situation but keep coming up short.
    I'll explain what I'm trying to accomplish and if anyone can point me to a tutorial or point me in the right direction it will be greatly appreciated.

    I currently have all of my games running off of a USB HD, it works great.
    I use USB Loader GX, the latest version.

    Like many, I've come across the situation where my Wii gamesave data is full and I constantly need to clear data for my kids. I've researched forcing the Wii to save the gamesave data on the USB HD, seems like that is the way to go for me.

    I found a tutorial regarding USB Loader GX, but I hit a roadblock when I try to change the setting to tell it to save onto the HD, it comes up with an error saying, "requires d2x cios".
    I'm pretty sure I'm running the latest version of d2x, is there multiple versions of it? I think I need to get past this error to continue.

    Is there a tutorial somewhere that will help me? I found many relating to running vWii games from NAND, but all I want to do is place the gamesave data onto the hard drive.

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    What version of USB Loader GX is it? The latest version is revision 1244. You can get that here.

    The latest d2x patch is v10 beta :
    Make sure you grab the right one for your console since there is now a separate version for the Wii-U. You will probably NOT want the one that's labeled "alt" as it has reduced compatibility with EmuNAND.

    In order to store saves on the hard drive you go into the Features menu, then at the bottom of it you will see an option to dump your NAND to EmuNAND. (I'm guessing this is where you got the error.)
    Assuming you have an older version of d2x, after you update it and have dumped your NAND you would go to the Loader menu and enable the "NAND Saves Emulation". Partial mode only stores the saves in the emulated NAND folder, while Full mode stores everything including Miis and configuration data like synced controllers and network settings. You probably want to leave it on partial.

    The instructions here on how to install/update d2x should still be current. If you use ModMii it's a bit easier.