Usb loader gx GCN naming problems

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    To be honest this really isn't a problem, but more an inconvenience. Sometimes when I install games or move channels to the SD card, my gamecube games will rename back to the folder names.I also noticed that when a gamecube game is detected/added then the game does not have/set the wiitdb data from the database. So I was wondering if this is a bug or not. It's not a big deal but I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen.

    -Edit: Disregard this entire thing. ^^' I got my wii connected to the internet and fixed it myself by redownloading the wiitdb database from inside usb loader gx itself.
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    Sometime wiitdb autorenaming is not working/auto-enabled when booting the loader.
    There are still issues with game naming, title cache, etc.
    I hope I can fix it one day.

    But I'm glad updating the database fixed your issue, one less thing to worry about :P