Hacking USB 3.0 + Wii backuploaders


Jan 27, 2010
United States
I recently got 2 usb 3.0 hard drives to monkey around with, also an extra wii. i know the wii has usb 2.0. i know to always use port 0 closes to the edge

here are pics of the two different hard drives, both 2tb, both 3 partitions; 500 fat32, 800 wbfs, rest of space wbfs, the first wbfs partition has no moar than 496 games.




prior to this i own a 1.5tb seagate drive. works perfect, i have 3 different parts on this drive, similar to whats listed above.

weird thing is i can get all the emulators working off the fat partition, but none of the usb loaders work, some times they make the wii act weird, like when i go to turn on the wii, it wont turn on until i unlpug the usb 3.0 hard drive!

i found only 1 other thread discussing this specific top, i just want to see what other thoughts are.

one thing i want to try and do is load wii games off of a fat32 partition, and see how these usb 3.0 hard drives work, and if they co operate proper.

the wiki page here isnt too specific regarding the WD essentials and seagate drive. whether or not the individual using the hard drive is using an older (2.0) or a newer (3.0)

the page on wii hacks uses serial codes, the WD 3.0 is listed as working, but how its working, or what they are using, is kinda vague.

later this week i am going to fat32 the seagate see what i can do, see what having a total fat 32 drive is all about. My wii runs cios rev17 and cios 222/223 v4 and 5 and homebrew channel running off ios58

but other than all that, no such luck for me, any one else? success

also, i forgot to mention that

i tested out multiple backup loaders with these drives, wiiflow, cfg, uloader, & usbloaderGX.

my fat32 partiton is set to first primary active, while the wbfs partitions are set to active.

fceultra gx, genplus, homebrew channel, WiiMC etc, things that run using the fat32 partition work fine.

just having trouble mount the wbfs partitions

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