1. slev7n

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    Aug 29, 2018
    i recently needed to update my hdd from 1tb to 2tb so i did some testing and got this results

    do not use any exploit ( payload ) for Exact results

    AN UPDATE : Apparently It Also RESTORED All Users Profiles And Their Settings + Games And Saved Data + Screenshot And Video-clips ( trophy's wasn't restored )

    what i did is got to system -> Backup And Restore > and Choose BACKUP PS4 ( with external usb drive connected ) PS4 did the backup , The Games That Where Installed Where FPKG games.

    Then i CLONED the drive from 1TB to 2TB

    the software i was using For Cloning is Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15

    Choose Copy Hard Disk -> choose source drive (1TB) Toshiba > destination Drive (2TB)

    i also marked option HDD RAW Copy

    put back the 2TB drive. PS4 asked for the Recovery 5.0.5 PUP ( 900mb ) so i did it. Later when ps4 started i didn't connect it to internet and not used esp8266 or any payload . so basically the system was not exploited in any kind. i put back the external usb drive where i made the OFFICIAL backup , go to system -> Backup And Restore > and Choose RESTORE PS4 the PS4 showed me Date with some more information about the restore and i pressed ok. After PS4 finished to Restore it Booted UP With All My Games ( With the LOCK sign ) then i connected my esp8266 did the cache mode as usual started the payload VTXHEN 1.7 then i started a couple of games and the progress of the games was Saved ( I Tried 4 Different Games ) BTW trophy's wasn't restored.

    And My system was never activated on PSN

    Plus sure i got the extra space 1.77TB :)

    Also there is a topic on reddit on ps4homebrew

    SOME More Information that i got
    from user : joelrsmith from Reddit Credit To Him.
    What He Told is :

    Game saves are based off of the SAMU key so you can just do a backup, throw in any other drive, reinstall 5.05, then do a restore. You can't clone to a larger disk as the disk is completely encrypted...that's why it asked for the recovery pup, it either couldn't read the larger drive or noticed inconsistencies in the file allocation table (or linux equivalent).

    That's basically confirm why it worked without any exploit or payload. So in theory it should work on a lower firmware as well :)

    I'm Repeating Myself in Case Someone have the usual question. i have not used during any of process any exploit or a payload

    I'm looking for testers to test this stuff as its a very long process to test every-time sometimes it took whole day to backup and the to clone ( due the lot of information on the HDD's ) . so any one who is will to change the hdd or just to test it the info will be helpful :)

    People that i search : someone that have good information about cloning and reallocate the Unallocated Space From Smaller HDD to A Bigger One

    And An Idea About : The Following Data Will Be Transferred From Another PS4 To This PS4. Including : All Users And Their Settings + Games And Saved Data + Screenshot And VideoClip
    Maybe Someone Skilled Will Be Able To Make A Payload To Use This Setting To Transfer The Data Instead The DNS searching method to USB0 ( like PKG Backup By Stooged ) - Currently not needed

    Thank you Again. i will try to summarize the information when i will Get More Results :)

    anyone that want to test (Change their HDD) and this stuff feel free to contact me i will help with step-by-step Instructions :)
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  2. TR_mahmutpek

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    Jul 28, 2015
    Nice info for guide, thx.
  3. kevin corms

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    Feb 21, 2015
    wish i could do it on 5.07, but external is ok for now.
  4. Spadezilla

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    Dec 19, 2013
    United States
    solid guide, a bit hard to follow but otherwise good
  5. Xsprit

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    Jan 27, 2016
    Hello, a bit time has passed and I wanted to ask if still everything works without any issues?
    I am asking because I am planning to upgrade my PS4 HDD also to 2TB.
    Thank you
  6. ItsmeAJ

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    May 6, 2016
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