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    May 17, 2009
    Hi all, new to the forums and had a look at what's aorund but couldn't find anything helpful so have started this thread.

    Firstly I am using a Pal wii with firmware 3.1e, softmodded. hbc installed using gamma backup launcher & wad manager, cios 249

    I've been attempting to upgrade my firmware to 3.2e so I can use virtual console games without an internet connection for wii (don't have the bits I need to connect. When installing the wads some ask for my pin when starting the game channel then go to black screen & I have to unplug wii to restart. Assumed this was due to firmware so wanna upgrade to, what I've read, is the best for vc & homebrew. If I don't need to upgrade please let me know what I do need to do.

    I have the files IOS30-64-v1040.wad & systemmenu-v290.wad on Sandisk SD Card. However when I run Wad Manager 1.3 it does not show systemmenu-v290.wad in the list even though it's definitely on the card with other wads. All others appear. When I scroll down to bottom of list then press down again I get the following error

    Exception (DSI) Occurred
    GPR00 then 8 digit hexadecimal number through to GPR31
    then LR or B SRR0 SRR1 MSR all with hexadecimal codes
    then DAR or B D68SR all with hexadecimal codes

    8000e068 --> 80016cbc --> 8002cc8c --> 8002cc28

    Code Dump
    8000e068: 8C030001 2F800000 409EFFF8 7C6A1850
    8000c078: 4E800020 2c050000 38000000 41820098
    8000e088: 418200a4 3d808005 7ca903a6 b0ccbf34

    I've had this error once before when trying to install HBC as a channel but didn't think anything of it, just gave up on that as is not much of an issue.
    Any ideas anyone?

    Also are the two files all I need to upgrade my system or are there more ios or cios that I need?
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