Updating homebrew channel?

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    Hi guys, I want to update my wii to the latest version.
    My wii has been soft-modded before (not by me) so I have no idea how to update it.

    Here's information, that I can get from my wii, after exploring about it for a while

    1. Can play dvd back up games using (neoGamma R9 Beta 8, IOS 249 (Rev 19)).
    2. On homebrew channel I can see

    IOS36 v 4.18
    on the top-right of the screen.

    3. Latest games that I can play on this wii is xenoblade chronicles

    What I want is to be able to play wii games from USB (Wbfs format, etc).

    My question:
    1. What software I should use to be able to paly that (I do some searching, is the best one is wii flow?) ?
    2. How to install that software? (I have read but many tutorial seems to explain from un-softmodded wii)
    3. I only have 8 gb sdhc card (sandisk), I heard it's not working on wii (need to be 2 gb??)
    4. what format that sd card so it can be read on the wii (ntfs, fat, etc)?

    Thank you very much.
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    1) USBloader GX is a great interface friendly app to me but I do like wiiflow just as much.
    2)You don't necessarily need to update your Wii system menu if it's somewhere around 4.x-4.3 but you do need to install a certain IOS to update the actual homebrew channel if I'm not mistaken ( IOS 36 or 58)
    3+4) haven't really worked with many SDCH only 1 but I have been able to play GAMECUBE games with it and it was 16 gbs, also it should be formatted as Fat64 don't use ntfs or wbfs as they are pretty much outdated.
    5) usb drives can be fat32 but if a game file is over 4gb you will have to split it in order to but in on your flash drive.