updated A9LH to v2, now 3DS won't boot

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by regnad, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. regnad

    regnad Button Masher

    May 19, 2008
    I followed this guide to update A9LH to v2 on my O3DS:


    Everything seemingly went well. The installation succeeded.

    Now the 3DS won't boot. Blue light is coming on, but that's it. I can't load any payloads.

    This may be related, but I had a custom animation chainloading upon boot prior to this.

    edit: nevermind! The chainloader was the problem. How embarrassing! :(
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  2. TheReturningVoid

    TheReturningVoid 0xAAAAAAAA

    Oct 2, 2014
    Remove your SD Card and try boot. If the console turns off, you're fine and there's something else going on. Otherwise, you're probably bricked.
  3. thewarhammer

    thewarhammer GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 15, 2009
    Rio de Janeiro
    Hate to bring back from the grave an old topic, but I had the same problem yesterday.

    Updated my O3DS to A9LH v2, and the installation succeeded fine (TBH, I messed the "arm9loader.bin" once, when I had accidentally used the Luma's one as a payload instead of the SafeA9LHInstaller one and vice-versa. But as I could boot the payload just fine - it simply entered the Luma Config instead of the installer - I guess this wasn't the problem) and the 3DS turned off. After I transfered the right files to continue the update, my 3DS simply won't boot.

    Tried the test payload, booting with and without the SD card, re-downloading every file, formatting the SD card, and booting Recovery Menu with no luck. Can't even access the payloads in the SD card.

    Does anyone know something about it?
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