1. SchuchWun

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Ok so ya the idea is a few select members who are good at electronics modding or what have you become a rep in your city or town around the world seeing as GBAtemp is a global forum. When your console breaks these are the people who you send it to for repair if your warranty is void due to damage or just old and you do not wish to attempt the repair your self. There will be a cost associated with the service with a percentage going back to the community for site bandwidth and replenishing part supplies. These select few reps will also be able to sell you parts at a lower price if you so choose to do the repair your self and because they reside near you costs for shipping are down and you don't have to wait as long.

    I will attempt to find a good source for parts to keep all costs for both the rep and the user down. recycling old consoles is a good way especially if most parts are good and only some irreparable.

    This service will only be used for minor repairs like busted screens, buttons, speakers; as replacing all parts in something like a DS or a Wii is not cost effective especially if extreme physical damage is done like you busted the thing in half or something... (i had that once with a Motorola RAZR someone wanted me to repair but the entire top of the phone above the hinge was ripped off making it irreparable...)

    Some examples from the site:

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    Oct 26, 2002
    Since no one's responded I will by saying that it seems like too much work to bother implementing.

    It'd be difficult to esure that such members are able to perform the jobs in the first place (we'd need sufficient proof). If anything, if someone really does need their console fixed they'd either create a topic in our trading forums or would do to a source that (would at least appear to be) more reliable (i.e. nintendo or a local shop).
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    Apr 10, 2008
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    Good in theory, but I think it'd be terrible to implement as theres no way to insure the matter and GBATemp isn't really a service, but a public and free forum for people interested in the subjects discussed here.

    Besides, not everyone is very honest and I forsee several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of equipment being lost.

    If GBATemp were a real club, with branches and chapters, formal rules, councils and club cards and stuff, each chapter equally equipped to serve paying members in various locations then it would be a terrific idea and probably would've been done ages ago.
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