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Before you explode me with PMs and complaints about posting a duplicate topic, let me just say this. The previous thread's OP hasn't been updated since July 2011, and it's not used as much. I just want to create a better thread than the last one. And yes, I do know this is another of my "copy cat" threads, but don't worry. I've got something original. Let's hope the mods don't lock this. *crosses fingers*

2. Read over every single friend code for every game you currently play, and add some (preferably all) of them to your 3DS
3. Post your friend code, your Mii name and all of the games you currently play
​4. Please be courteous by following this thread and adding everyone that has added their friend code here.
5.Update your list of games when needed
6. If you ever get inactive or have more than 100 friends, then please post saying that you want to be removed from the list. This will also happen to reported spammers and trolls.

And hope fully that's all I need to say! If you have any questions, please ask them below. Happy 3DS-ing!

Kid Icarus: Uprising
KidGameDesigner/Leo: 3780-9023-4673
Mario Kart 7
KidGameDesigner/Leo: 3780-9023-4673
Super Street Fighter IV
KidGameDesigner/Leo: 3780-9023-4673
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